I live in the the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn with my husband and our lab mix, Leeloo, who was named after the character in The Fifth Element.

My favourite little things are wine + cheese nights, craft beers, giggling with little kids, good design, traveling, “that’s what she said” jokes, and when it’s someone’s birthday.

My job is *really* amazing to me and I’m devoted to my clients wholeheartedly. The day a ball of joy stops hitting me in the gut every time I shoot a wedding is the day I hang up my camera.

This is what I look like when I’ve showered.

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photo by Katie Jane

Since 2009, over 100 couples getting married have invited me to photograph them. I can tell you with overwhelming certainty that the relationship between a couple and their photographer makes a huge difference in the kinds of images you come away with.

Connection is important. You spend a lot of time together (sometimes at least partially in your underwear), and it’s an emotional day. These photos will last a lifetime. After you are drawn into someones work, think about how you feel when you picture this person photographing your wedding.

It’s the best piece of advice I can give as you look for a wedding photographer.

You’ll enjoy working with me if you…

… believe the best part of your wedding isn’t the flowers or the cake, it’s getting to marry the sexiest person in the world.

… you shun cheesy poses, awkward clichés in wedding photography, and want your photos to look organic and natural not “posey”. 

… care about the beautiful details, but want to relax and have fun on your wedding day, too. “Bridezilla” isn’t in your vocabulary.

… like me, support marriage equality wholeheartedly and know that love and family – in all the wonderful, varied shapes that they take – are the most important things in the world.

Always in my camera bag is my late grandfather’s handkerchief, tucked next to my backup camera. I’ve never made it through a wedding without getting a bit misty.

I shoot from the heart. This isn’t “just a job” for me, and I’m not “just a wedding photographer.” I care about your wedding almost as much as you do – you’re creating a whole new family, and that’s HUGE! – and work hard to create a series of photos that tell the story of your day from beginning to end in the most authentic way possible.

My photography style is “Human.”

We won’t do the “phony laugh while posing” thing. I like having fun, and get genuine smiles from couples looking like themselves and having a wonderful time in the process.

Pretty details are great, too, and I enjoy taking them, but the photos that will make you laugh and cry and the shots that you are going to come back to again and again are going to be the joyful faces of you and your loved ones at this once-in-a-lifetime event. That’s where the magic is. We’re not gonna fake that stuff.

On the day of your wedding, I’m committed to being your rock and will work with you (and your planner if you have one) to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Will travel anywhere.

“We are just thrilled with the photos, thank you, amazing work! Very artistic, warm, beautiful colors and light – what a cool mix of shots.” – Jonathan T.

“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful memories of what will go down as the most perfect day of our lives – and when I have explained to people everything that made the day perfect, I include our photographers. The pictures are breathtaking. I can’t even believe we managed to look that good!” – Lisa K.

“She manages to come off as genuinely happy without my wanting to hit her in the face with my shoe. Also, her shots are honest but stunning.” – Helen P.

“We had an absolutely great time with you – and you know, it’s not easy to be so smoochy in front of a complete stranger, especially as a gay person who doesn’t generally make large public displays of affection. For me, a part of the reason why I opted to not hire a professional photographer for our wedding was because so many of the ones available [where we got married] had portfolios that exclusively showcased straight couples in traditional and posed photographs… and we decided it just wasn’t worth the money or risk. Had we seen a portfolio like yours, where someone is clearly talented at capturing those cute-couple moments, regardless of gender, we might’ve decided differently.” – Karin P. (a post-wedding photoshoot client)

“Let me tell you Amber is the bees knees and I will never quit singing her praises. My fiance and I were so nervous before the shoot and that immediately went away once we met Amber. She is super down-to-earth and hip and cool without being hipster pretentious. We were immediately joking about completely inappropriate subjects and we had a blast and it shows in our photos.” – Laura C.

“There’s a big thing that differentiates you [from other photographers]: your fucking personality. When people hire you, they’re not just hiring a kick-ass professional photographer who will get the fucking job done, they’re hiring someone who will be a fucking pleasure to work with. … You have something that nobody else has: Amber Fucking Marlow.” – Gavin St. Ours (who is, to be fair, one of my best friends)