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Things are a bit under construction over here – bear with me just a bit while my portfolio section is being worked over. If you’d like to browse my previous work in the meantime, check out the “Weddings and Elopements” tag on my blog, or “Portraits”, if you’re seeking head shots or dating profile photos, or you can click over to the “Love & Family” tag to see maternity, newborn photos, and families.

Then reach out via my Contact Form.

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Greg | Professional Online Dating Photos

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Greg contacted me about taking some online dating photos for his profile, but then we kept getting put off because of the snow. On the day of our shoot, it snowed yet again, and we just said, “Whatever!” and went stomping through the flakes anyway, taking photos around Manhattan, and it ended up being super fun.

We started at his apartment where I took lifestyle photos of him hanging out and drinking tea – his space is awesome and lent itself well to fabulous photos. Then we bundled up and headed out into the snow, stopping by a park just as it really started to come down and blizzard around us. We ducked into Rolfs German restaurant in Gramercy for indoor photos (and potato pancakes and beer, because photography makes you hungry

As a testament to how much fun I usually have on these shoots, someone saw at the two of us running around taking photos in the sleet and approached us.

“Would you two like a photo together?” she asked.

We chuckled and declined (and then I totally regretted it, because it would have been really funny!), but I loved that we looked like friends hanging out and taking photos instead of a stiff, formal photo shoot. It is absolutely the vibe I want when working.

Because I’m a hopeless romantic and can’t help myself: if you’re a single lady scoping these pics and thinking, “Now this is one handsome gentleman and I would like to buy him a drink”, Greg is 37, sweet, smart and fun. Get in touch if you want the connection.

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Creative Headshot Photographer, New York City

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I love working with creative professionals who need head shots; it’s a fun change of pace and a wonderful challenge to get just the right mix of hip and professional. I’ve jokingly referred to the first few months of the year as “head shot season”; every January – March is filled with folks updating their social media profile photos, probably because it’s a new year and a fresh start.

My full-price photo sessions are unlimited and can take place anywhere you’d like. I also offer a half-price, half-hour photo session in Park Slope – if you know you don’t need a lot of time to get a good photo and are willing to come to Park Slope, Brooklyn to work with me, it’s an affordable way to update your social media head shot. I run that special every winter until 31 March.

Either way, if it’s time to update your Facebook and Twitter avatar, or if you need a new shot for your website, get in touch.

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Josh, Tracey, and Harper | Brooklyn Newborn Photographer

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It was later, back in my studio combing through the shots from this session, that I realized what I’d shot in this photo. Here, Harper extended an arm and Pepper, her dog, leaned forward to sniff her hand. They connected, making it the first time Harper touched her dog. What an insanely rad moment to snap. Or maybe this dog and baby loving photographer is overly sentimental.

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Josh and Tracey asked me to do their maternity photos in Brooklyn this past fall, and right after the new year I made my way to their apartment in Park Slope for the second time to greet them as a family of three and take some newborn photos. I actually beat them to their house for the homecoming (an excited grandma let me in), so I got to see the very first moments Harper spent at home.

We moved our photo shoot a few times, because she wasn’t quite ready to come home from the hospital right away like they had hoped, and in the end, it all worked out. We shot these on the day Harper turned 10 days old.

Scout the dog took one look at me and bolted. I think she remembered me from last time as the lady that kept pointing that scary machine at her. Pepper, however, hung around, and I got to witness their introduction.

Welcome to the world Harper. You are so lucky to have two great parents AND dogs.

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Matty in the Snow | Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

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On Tuesday, Brooklyn got hit with about 14 inches of the fluffiest snow I’ve ever seen. Mattingly, my eleven year old German shepherd/basset hound mix, was in heaven. He kept asking to be let out into our tiny back yard so he could frolic and plow his face into it. His basset hound legs make him REALLY low to the ground, so the snow went up to his chin, which I think made the challenge of walking around in the stuff even more fun for him.

What a fantastic weirdo. I love him so much.

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Chris + Zoh | City Hall Elopement Photographer

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Chris and Zoh traveled all the way from Australia to elope in New York City at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau. We took photos of their ceremony and a handful portraits afterward in the area surrounding City Hall. It’s always kind of a bummer when it rains on someone’s wedding day*, but the large black golf umbrellas made for the sweetest possible wedding photos in uncharacteristically soggy Manhattan.

Zoh was first to reach out to me via email and shared that, as creative in advertising, she had a specific vision of their wedding photos: they wanted shots that weren’t very “posey”, photos that captured genuine moments and emotion, and a “sense of movement”. This is exactly the kind of wedding photos I set out to create with every couple, which let me know we would work well together. We took minimal photos of them posing specifically, and I found most of the shots of them walking around were my favorites. I also snuck a few shots in of them looking adoringly at each other. (The photo of Chris clutching his new wife’s bouquet was totally off the cuff; I turned to speak to him as we were walking and realized how cute it was!)

A quick note about Zoh’s shoes for the heels-wearing ladies: Zoh choose heels close in color to her skin tone which visually lengthened her legs. It’s a trick you can steal if you feel you’re on the shorter side and are worried about “looking stumpy”. (This 5’4 photographer knows how it is.)

Congratulations, Chris and Zoh!

*If you also immediately started singing Alanis Morissette after reading that sentence, we should totally be friends.

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Cheryl + Kevin | New York City Elopement Photographer

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When Cheryl first emailed me, I was so excited about her and Kevin’s story. They were planning to get married for the second time, to each other.¬† After splitting a few years ago they fell in love again and decided to retie their knot, this time in a low-key ceremony at City Hall in Manhattan. I love how love prevailed in their case. They flew in from down south to celebrate Christmas, and their newlywed status, with their grown children joining them a few days later.

“Your photos of City Hall have character” said Cheryl in her email, and I suppose it takes one to know one – those boots let me know before we even said hello that this was going to be a fun wedding. These two were great to work with, and we had so much fun together (and that slit in her dress is one of the most daring I’ve ever seen – work it!)

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Bob and Linda Carey | The Ballerina Project | NYC Portrait Photographer

I noticed Bob Carey having his photo taken on the Highline this Sunday. He was dressed in a black tee shirt which made him less recognizable; we’re used to seeing his not-quite-ballerina body wrapped in a bright pink tutu – and nothing else – but he was holding his pink tutu, which is how I knew for sure. It turns out that his wife Linda was snapping a (clothed) portrait for a magazine they’re going to be in. I walked by twice before getting up the nerve to slide over and tell him that I was really big fan of his project.

If you’re not familiar, Linda was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 (and again in 2006). To cheer her up during the ordeal, he took a goofy photo of himself in a pink tutu. It turned into an entire series, a book, and they’re still at it all these years later, with Bob causing a fun scene everywhere he dances.

“HelloIlikeyourproject!” I stammered, grinning. “I’mareallybigfan. It’snicetomeetyou. Kbye.” I tried to slip away after a quick handshake, but he called me back over and gave me a button and a sticker with his hilarious logo on them, and introduced me to the photographer, his wife, who I hadn’t even noticed at first.

We talked for a few minutes, which was so kind of them. I shared that I was a photographer, too, I asked if I could take their portrait with that iconic tutu in the shot. My favorite part of this photo is that you can actually see how much they love each other.

If you haven’t heard of the project yet, do yourself a favor and check The Tutu Project.

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John’s OKCupid Photos | NYC Professional Dating Profile Photos

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John and I went on one date a long time ago. We decided we make better friends than lovers, and as his friend, I felt it was my duty to inform him that he is WAY cuter in real life than his dark, grainy OKCupid photos would have suggested. When he walked into the bar on our date, I was pleasantly surprised at how handsome he was. He has an interesting, soulful face that I really like, and I thought his photos ought to capture that. So, I took him to a diner and then dragged him outdoors on a freezing cold day and made him pose for me.

Ladies, if anyone wants his number…

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Joe, Patty, and Sam | New York City Family Photographer

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Back in the spring, Joe and Patty hired me to shoot a maternity session in Central Park. This past December, I went to their apartment to photograph their 6 month old son, Sam. Doesn’t he look just like both of them? It was really fun; normally I’m invited to take photos of either a newborn or a one-year old, so having a drooly, happy baby an interesting change of pace.

He’s pretty fantastic.

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