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bride getting veil pinned on

I stopped blogging in this space for a tiny bit, because my website is getting a MAKEOVER! *Oprah voice* I cannot wait to get going with a brand new look. The oh-so-fabulous Magnoliahouse Creative is creating something for me, and we are switching platforms (this is scary; I’ve been exclusively on WordPress since 2007.)

There’s a lot of good stuff to share coming up in the next few months; above is a sneak peek (I love this image so much). If you miss me, you can follow along on Instagram, where I’m doing 100 Happy Days – I’m up to the 50’s!


City Hall Wedding; Alder Reception | Allison + Will

smiling bride

This New York couple had an increasingly popular style of wedding that is a cross between a traditional intimate wedding and an elopement. It’s a… wed-opement! Further breaking with tradition: they got married on a Monday, and started at 7:30 in the morning, creating a radical party time frame for them and their guests while most of the City was sitting behind their desks.

I am here for this.

Allison and Will got ready together at the Ludlow Hotel, who gave them a room with a sunroom attached that Ellen and Najeebah from Face the Day used to do Allison’s hair and makeup. Friends and family came bearing much-needed coffee (and, ahem, flasks) while they got ready.

We traveled via cabs to City Hall where they got married, and then the newlyweds and I went to the Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden for a portrait session. Everyone met back up again at a bar next door to where their reception was being held while we waited until it was time to go over.

Alder is a restaurant located in the East Village owned by Chef Wylie Dufresne, who created an amazing canapés + four-course tasting menu for Allison and Will. The food was incredible, and it was quite the experience to meet Chef Wylie in person – he’s larger than life!

A fun note: Will has the distinction of being my very first groom to rock a kilt, and I think he looked so dapper.

Congrats to Allison and Will!

groom kilt & ribbons


groom shoes & jewelry

groom rad socks

groom dressed & nyc landscape

bride shoes & jewelry

bride preparing

wedding dress & ready bride

ludlow mat & light fixtures

taxi disembarkation

wedding guests

cool hair photographer

bride hair flower

smiling groom

newlyweds kissing

smiling newlyweds

groom kissing bridal shoulder

bowtie & sunglasses guest

alder & happy bride & guest

newlyweds with flowers

lights & food

alder reception menu

amuse bouche & flowers

newlyweds toasting


alder coaster & beverage

appetizers on display

newlyweds with Wylie Dufresne

small food & cool wood

happy groom

cake cutting


Studio 450 Wedding | Robyn + Terrence

Newlywed first kiss

Last month I photographed a beautiful classic Manhattan wedding at Studio 450. Between the planner, Ariel Perryman of Hold Your Hand Events, and the Riviera caterers from Brooklyn who were impressively awesome, I felt like I was part of a great team. Of course, Robyn and Terrence are amazing – plus their families can DANCE! – and I’m so grateful to have been a part of their day.

We started getting ready with the girls at an Air BnB a few blocks away from the venue. This idea is so brilliant. You have to work a little harder to find just the right space to get ready in, but when you find one, it saves you a ton of money over a hotel room, plus it lets you live like a local while you’re visiting a new city.

The details at their event were thoughtful: the groom wore a memorial boutonniere with a photo of him and his late mother on it, and his sister wore a daisy pin on her bridesmaid dress in memory of her, too. His hilarious Vans shoes featured his favorite character: Snoopy!

After being pronounced husband and wife everyone danced the night away, and the newlyweds cut into a delicious cake by Baked (I will gleefully take credit for this suggestion – their not-too-sweet frosting is soooo good.)

I got this sweet email from them after they got their photos:

Thank you so much our family and friends had a blast and it really shows in your photos! You did an amazing job of capturing us and our family at our happiest and we thank you so much for that!

You are welcome, Robyn and Terrence. Congratulations!

p.s. If you’d like to see, here are their engagement photos.

Photo Assistant Nicki Fietzer | Hair by DryBar | Makeup by personal friend to the bride Cheryl Dekrines | DJ MC Fish Entertainment | Invitations by Minted | Gown by Madeline Gardner

Wedding stationery | Bride shoes

Bride preparation

Smiling bride preparation

Groom shoes and boutonniere

Reception seating mirror

Studio 450 welcome mat

Bride and flowers

Bridal party

Reception table settings

Newlywed hug

Happy newlyweds

NYC rooftop newlyweds

Newlyweds dancing

Reception speeches


Reception laughter

Reception fun

Reception Hora

Cake cutting

Skyline fireworks


Jewish Summer Camp Wedding | Alina + Brian

Jewish wedding kiss

Alina and Brian are an amazing couple. Throughout their entire wedding process, from our first meeting to the end of the night at their wedding when they squashed me up in a HUGE hug, I felt truly honored to be photographing their wedding.

Their incredible Jewish community of friends was large and loving, and there were multiple horas and awesome dancing all night long! There was also a LOT of singing: at the Tish, bedeken, at the chuppah, and all throughout the reception. It was so joyful.

Talking about the weather is kind of boring normally, but the weather this day was SO WEIRD that I have to point it out. We had bright, beautiful sun, a huge rain storm that rolled in, and temperatures that fluctuated dozens of degrees in a matter of a couple of hours. It was quite the weather to contend with, but these two made the best of it and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Their loose theme was “elegant dinosaur”, and the funniest way they nodded to this was with brontosaurs figures dressed up as bride and groom that went on their ice cream wedding cake as cake toppers. I took them outside afterwards to pose them in the grass for some “glamour shots”.

Second shooter Laura Pennace | Hair and Makeup by Amanda Thesen

summer-camp-jewish-wedding-photos 1

wedding dress and rings

wedding makeup

wedding bridal preparation

wedding bouquet and dress

affixing wedding veil

wedding jewelery

wedding groom preparation

groom cufflinks

groomsmen neckties

groom mirror check

Jewish wedding dancing

Jewish wedding dancing

Jewish wedding ceremony

wedding groom celebrating

wedding bride smiling

groom smiling at bride

bride and groom dancing

bride and groom dancing

Jewish wedding dancing

newlyweds greeting family

groom lifting veil

bride and groom ceremony

wedding ceremony and chuppah

wedding ceremony readings

marriage and first kiss

bride driving golf cart

bridal party with flowers

bridal party bouquets

newlyweds high-fiving

newlyweds hugging

wedding reception dancing

newlywed bride speaking

reception bride dancing

reception bride dancing

reception bride wellwisher

reception bride dancing

Jewish reception Hora

dinosaur costume and baby

tiny dinosaur toys

newlyweds reception table

newlyweds reception dancing

newlyweds dancing butt grab

family with babies

wedding cake dinosaurs

wedding cake cutting

dinosaur cake toppers





Our Supreme Court Victory

supreme court ruling

When I started photographing weddings I had a lot to figure out, but one thing I knew for certain was that a hallmark of my business would be that it was “inclusive to a degree beyond lip service”. Never would a couple find my website, flip through it and wonder “is she alright with us being gay, trans*, queer?” Inclusiveness has been woven into the fabric of everything I do since day one.

During that time I have marched the streets of New York City calling for marriage equality, written letters to congress, and sought to change hearts with loving words and kindness. I’ve photographed so many same-sex couples eloping to New York enjoying marriage equality since we got it in 2011 that I’ve lost count of how many. Many times I asked them “What happens when you go back to your home state?” and, until 2013 when DOMA was overturned, the answer often was, “We won’t be married any more unless we come visit New York again,” a fact that was overwhelmingly sad for me. I would press my hands into theirs and say, “Don’t worry. We’ll get there someday.” Then we got DOMA overturned, but people still had to leave their home states to get married and have recognition on a federal level, and weren’t protected state-to-state. We still said, “Close, but not yet. Someday.”

Someday finally happened.

Congratulations to all of the amazing same-sex couples I’ve photographed over the past five years, on being full and equal in the eyes of the law of our nation. I imagine this means that same-sex elopements to New York are on the decline, but I don’t mind! On a personal note, this means that *I* am getting married later this year, in a country where everyone can. Equally. When my future husband and I realized this, we started crying all over again!

I am overjoyed.