Dan + Tonya | City Hall Wedding

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Can we all take a minute to appreciate his face right here?

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Tonya is originally from New York City, although she and Dan and their family live in Albany now. They came down state to get married at City Hall in Manhattan.

I love working with families, and these folks were a lot of fun. For our first look, all of the relatives and friends stood in front of the bride to block her as Dan came down the sidewalk. When he got close he turned around, the crowd parted, and Tonya tapped him on the shoulder. It was a fantastic moment, and he had a great “Oh my god!” face. After their marriage bureau ceremony, me and the newlyweds went off to take photos around the City, stopping in the West Village for a cool mix of vintage town houses, cobblestone, and some really fun graffiti. These photos are so NYC!

They zipped off in a yellow cab to have dinner with their family after.


One Shot: A Gorgeous Green Wedding Dress | Central Park Elopement Photographer



For their Central Park wedding, this bride skipped the white dress and got married in a stunning aqua green turquoise dress, set off with a peacock blue embroidered sash.


Personal Photos: Luke, Michelle, and Ramona

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Michelle Ward is a Creative Business Coach based in Brooklyn; I met her at a blogging conference last year and liked her immediately. When she and her husband Luke adopted Ramona, I popped over to say hello and snap some shots.

This baby is awesome. I love her tiny concerned faces. She is also a world-class drooler.


Christine + Damon | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Green-Wood Cemetery

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From Christine’s first email to me: “Damon introduced me to Green-Wood on our second date. I think I knew he was a keeper at that point – an eccentric Victorian gentleman wanting to take his scholarly lady on a cemetery stroll. We love its rich history and gothic Victorian beauty.”

“Eccentric” and “Victorian” perfectly describe this Green-Wood Cemetery wedding. The entire property is gorgeous and quiet, and walking around is an interesting look into Brooklyn history. I loved incorporating the gravestones into their wedding photos!

After their ceremony in the chapel, guests were treated to a ride on the trolley while the space was converted into a reception space and I took the newlyweds around the ground for photos. They celebrated with a casual luncheon and cupcakes from one of my favorite Brooklyn bakers, Baked.

One of my favorite elements of the day was their attire. The Victorian touches continued with his classic suit and pocket watch.

“It’s my favorite from my collection,” he told me.

Yes, Christine, any gentleman with a pocket watch collection is definitely a keeper.

Her two-tone lace dress, made by her mom, and dainty parasol completed their fantastic Victorian look.

One of the most fun elements of their wedding were the English crackers they made as wedding favors. In one of my favorite candids from this wedding, I photographed one of the youngest and one of the oldest guests getting ready to pop one open!


One Shot: Central Park Ladies Pavilion Elopement


Ladies and gentleman, THIS is a KISS. (Who is with me with wanting to steal the bride’s shampoo? Look at that gorgeous hair!)