NYC Headshots

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When my friend Katie-Ellen popped through New York City to do some standup, I insisted she pose for me in a few head shots around the colorful Alphabet City (I am so eager to get an elopement couple over there!)

We kind of didn’t know what to do, but wanted it to be “unboring”. A quick trip to a local bodega gave us a few ideas. At the comedy club, we handed off the pineapple to one bewildered/amused-looking gentleman with the explanation that “it was a gift”. Later he found me and handed it back, so I had it for breakfast the next morning.

Thanks for your face you wonderful, hilarious lady.

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M+M | Central Park Elopement

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Hailing from Ireland, these parents of soon-to-be-two came to New York City and eloped in Central Park’s Ladies Pavilion, in a wedding ceremony officiated by Judie Guild. In attendance was their tiny son, who watched the emotional ceremony from his nearby stroller. Fun fact: that kiss pictured above was not the “you may now kiss the bride” part – he just snuck one in mid-ceremony! Judie laughed and said it was fine. After all, eloping is about what makes you happy.

They picked what we *thought* would be a mild day, but the temperature on this early September afternoon soared unexpectedly to the early 90’s / early 30’s, and we were surprised. My main concern, of course, was the five-months-pregnant bride, but she navigated through her wedding photos around Central Park like a trooper.

By the end, though, she’d decided walking had become uncomfortable. I sprinted ahead to hail a pedicab driver to whisk them out of Central Park to catch a cab. I love those pedicab guys; they’re so fun.

Congratulations to you both, and good luck with that baby!

p.s. Her stunning elopement bridal bouquet is by Starbright Floral Designs.


One Shot: Strolling Along! | North Fork Wine Country Same Sex Wedding Photographer

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Madeline and Michelle – the bride and “broom” as they liked to be called – stroll arm-in-arm before their wedding ceremony in the North Fork of Long Island, NY. Their venue was the Bayview House a sprawling private residence in Southhold. It was the perfect setting for their intimate wedding.


Dan + Tonya | City Hall Wedding

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Can we all take a minute to appreciate his face right here?

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Tonya is originally from New York City, although she and Dan and their family live in Albany now. They came down state to get married at City Hall in Manhattan.

I love working with families, and these folks were a lot of fun. For our first look, all of the relatives and friends stood in front of the bride to block her as Dan came down the sidewalk. When he got close he turned around, the crowd parted, and Tonya tapped him on the shoulder. It was a fantastic moment, and he had a great “Oh my god!” face. After their marriage bureau ceremony, me and the newlyweds went off to take photos around the City, stopping in the West Village for a cool mix of vintage town houses, cobblestone, and some really fun graffiti. These photos are so NYC!

They zipped off in a yellow cab to have dinner with their family after.


One Shot: A Gorgeous Green Wedding Dress | Central Park Elopement Photographer



For their Central Park wedding, this bride skipped the white dress and got married in a stunning aqua green turquoise dress, set off with a peacock blue embroidered sash.