One Frame: Katie-Ellen with a Pineapple | Creative Headshots NYC

In a single frame from this hilarious headshot photo session, comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries poses with a pineapple on her head.

It’s a long story.

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One Frame: A Kiss on the Highline | New York City Elopement Photographer

same-sex elopement photographer

Before their wedding ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, Jim and Jerry took a stroll on the Highline just after sunrise for some pre- elopement portraits.

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Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Wedding Albums

One of my favorite childhood memories is browsing my grandparents’ wedding album. Even today, Grandma and I like to get together and look at it. It’s hard to believe she was so young and that grandpa was so dashing. I know every single one of those photos by heart, and it was my first inspiration to becoming a wedding photographer years ago.

Here, Grandma and I are looking at her wedding album for the umpteenth time, in photos taken by Jennifer E. Thompson, because I couldn’t resist a snuggled-on-the-couch photo shoot with one of my favorite people in the world.

There’s magic in printed photos and albums. Digital sharing is great for the here and now, but if you leave your photos languishing on your hard drive, you’ll never look at them after a while. Neither will your friends and family, who are not going to open up your computer and click through to see them without being specifically invited. They’ll love lifting your wedding album off your coffee table, though, and maybe one day your grandchildren will, too.

Because this album was so important to me, I’m now offering wedding albums to my past and future clients, too.

The albums I’ve chosen come in a variety of colors and two styles: linen and leather. The top is an 8×8 linen in a soft brown, and the bottom is a 10×10 inch leather in bright white.

This is the 8×8 linen book. It has thinner pages and a nice, cloth-bound book feeling when you hold it. As you can see, it is one half the height of an elderly German shepherd/basset hound combo dog.

These are especially good if you’re on a budget. They also make good parent albums after the wedding if you want a main large leather album for the couple and then a smaller cloth one for family to have.

This album is the 10×10 leather one. It has thick pages and makes a mega-impact, although apparently my dog finds them boring.

Special thanks to my handsome dog Mattingly and even more handsome partner Marley for modeling.

They’re affordable. The smallest linen album is $300. I found a great album company that manufactures in the US and streamlined the process for ordering, saving time on my end and money on yours. Both traditional leather albums and less expensive linen-bound albums are available in three sizes: 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12 inches.

They’re quality. These are important memories, and I want your album to last for decades. The images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper that doesn’t fade or discolor. The albums are are guaranteed from any defects in manufacturing or materials. They are “flush mount”, meaning the images are printed flat with the page on study cardboard pages that are thick and smooth. They feel wonderful and solid in your hands. Each comes with a storage sleeve for extra protection.

Ordering is easy. You go into your online gallery and click on which “must have” photos you’d like to include. Design will begin right away and while the inside is being made, you pick your size, cover material, and color (there’s a whole rainbow for you to choose from, or let me surprise you with what I think is best). Then you’ll receive your album 6-8 weeks after sending your photo selections, and it gets shipped to you.

Easy! If you want one and you’re a past client, get in touch; they’re great anniversary gifts for yourselves. For current and future clients, I’m selling them completely a la carte as a way to keep everything affordable. Alternatively, you can order them before the wedding so we can get started right away. It’s up to you.

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Valerie | Creative Head Shots | Brooklyn

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business head shots for creatives

I love portrait photography. The dawn of social media gave us all an excellent excuse to spring for creative head shots that make us stand out in the crowd, and this is especially true for creative professionals, of which we have several in Brooklyn. You don’t need a photo of yourself on a boring background if you write or paint for a living.

Valerie doesn’t live here; she’s based in Chicago and is a world traveler, awesome blogger, introspective thinker and, thankfully, a goofy poser. On a recent trip to Brooklyn, (where she stayed on my pull-out couch and enamored my dogs who got to hang out with someone new for a whole week!) we did a fun session to give her some with some creative head shots around Gowanus, Brooklyn, one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York, and just down the street from me.

I’m so happy Valerie is willing to be goofy and have fun, and we all loved having her here. Until next time, Val.

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One Frame: Rachel and Dad | Central Park Wedding Photographer

cop cot wedding nyc

In this intimate Central Park wedding, Rachel’s dad escorted her down a pathway, into Cop Cot, to marry Steven. She brushed away his tears while sporting one of her own.

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Claudia & Kim | Central Park Anniversary Photoshoot

central park anniversary

Kimberly and Claudia were two Texas brides that eloped to New York City last year to get married in Central Park. This year they returned to NYC for their anniversary, and called me to do an anniversary shoot for them back where they tied the knot. It was so great to see them again! Like last year, the women used James Toribio for their hair and makeup, who did such a good job (he doesn’t have a website – yet! – but I give my brides his contact info).

Happy anniversary, ladies! It was so great to see you again.

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Matt and Todd | NYC Elopement Photographer | Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

intimate wedding photographer

Matt and Todd had a commitment ceremony in South Carolina years ago, and in May, they eloped to NYC on their anniversary to make it legal. They were accompanied by a small handful of friends and family, including their pals who were getting married the following day. It was a weekend of weddings for these two. The whole crew celebrated by tossing flower petals on the newlyweds as they exited. Our luck was stellar in the Marriage Bureau office – we were in and out so quickly!

After their City Hall ceremony, we walked around taking wedding photos in lower Manhattan, and I walked them right to where they are having lunch at Church Publick.

Congratulations Matt and Todd! I am so happy I was able to capture your wedding day.

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Jennifer and Simon | Central Park Intimate Wedding | NYC

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This is part of Jennifer’s email to me when she inquired about having me photograph their wedding:

“Simon & I just went through the visa process to bring him to Los Angeles, from Melbourne. NYC is like another home to both us, so we decided to run off to the City to get married. We are best friends and confidants. We’ve supported each other through some of the hardest things in life and now we want to be with each other through the best.

We like simple. We like low stress. We like being happy.”

Well. Me too.

I met Jennifer as she was doing her hair at the Roger Smith Hotel. Simon got ready at the hotel around corner, and then we went back to the Roger Smith for their first look in the lobby and headed out as a group from there.

Their vision for the day was to walk from the Roger Smith and head north on foot for the the two and a half miles to their chosen wedding site in Central Park: the Shakespeare Garden. Along the way we would stop for fun photos, creating a “joyful fuss” as I like to call it, with New Yorkers and tourists alike calling out their congratulations as we strolled past. It was fun and relaxed; we paused whenever there was a good spot to take a photo, the weather was perfect, and everyone was excited and happy.

The legalities were taken care of the day before, so they had all of the siblings performing readings and vows before declaring them husband and wife in one of the sweetest most family-oriented ceremonies I’ve seen. Afterward I scouted a great tucked away corner of Central Park for their wedding picnic, and we took a few family photos before I left.

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Instant Photography Gratification | NYC Elopements | Brooklyn Weddings

A fun thing I like to do at weddings and elopements is snap a photo with my iPhone and text it to the couple right away. It’s totally free, takes hardly any time, and makes people really happy.

By getting an emailed photo from me, you can change your marital status on Facebook right away with a giddy visual while you wait the few weeks for your wedding photos. This is especially awesome if you’re having an elopement and your friends don’t know you were planning to get hitched. I’ve also snapped them for proposals.

I take these specifically with my phone instead of the clients for two important reasons. One, I love to share via Instagram. I’m an old skool user, having snagged an account in 2010 right after they launched and still maintain the original spirit of “mobile phone only” photos on my account. Two, I’ve invested in some of the more expensive, nitty-gritty editing apps that give me more control and better results.

It’s so fun to get texts back later that say, “We are a hit on Facebook!” or “Everyone is so excited to see us right away!” and I love being able to do this for the amazing couples that hire me to photograph their weddings.

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Bill and Debbie | Brooklyn Elopement Photographer

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When Bill emailed me to see if I was available to photograph his Brooklyn elopement to Debbie, he sent along this snapshot of the two of them so I could see their fun side. That is, in fact, a vibrator strapped to his arm. They were dressed up as 80′s songs for a Halloween party; he was 1984′s “Everything She Wants” by Wham! and she was “Devil Inside” by INXS from 1987.

I was pretty excited to meet them.

Two friends came along to their Brooklyn Bridge Park elopement, where Judie Guild officiated their ceremony. Right as they were getting into place, a tiny dog trotted up to wish them well.

During their vows, Bill surprised Debbie with one of her favorite songs being played via iPhone while he held up the lyrics on pre-written cards, Bob Dylan style. After they were officially husband and wife we walked across the park taking photos with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge + Lower Manhattan skyline in the background. Then we hopped on the East River Ferry to head across the water to Manhattan. It was a quick ride, but we managed to snap a few photos during it; my favorite is Bill holding down Debbie’s dress.

Once we were in Manhattan there, we went down the few blocks from the pier to Fraunces Tavern where everyone said “cheers!” with a drink (this is the place to go if you like history and beer; they have 18 craft brews on tap in additio to their really fun cocktail menu).

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