LIC Studio Square Wedding

My friend, photographer Laura Pennace, invited me to second-shoot this wedding at Studio Square in Long Island City with her. It was absolutely gorgeous, and we had a wonderful time with this sweet couple.

Getting ready started at one of my favorite spots: the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. I was on one floor with the guys while Laura photographed the bride and bridesmaids, and their first look was in front of the hotel just outside. We took photos around Manhattan and in Gantry Park before heading to Studio Square for their wedding.

The sun came out just as we were getting ready to have their wedding ceremony, so they were able to get married outdoors, and the lighting was gorgeous.Cocktail hour was also on the roof, and then they  headed inside for the rest of their tapas style wedding and dancing.

1 Gantry Park Wedding Photos

2 Ace Hotel NYC wedding

3 Getting ready photos Ace Hotel wedding

NYC Getting ready photos at the Ace Hotel

Manhattan getting ready photos Ace Hote

Wedding photos in Gantry Park

Studio Square Wedding

Studio Square LIC wedding

LIC wedding photos

Studio Square Wedding

Wedding photos in Gantry Park LIC

Studio Square wedding

Wedding photographer for studio square wedding LIC

LIC wedding photos Studio Square

Studio square wedding

first dance wedding

dancing at a wedding NYC

first dance wedding

dancing feet at a wedding

wedding cake cutting

studio-square-wedding-photos-nyc 39

studio-square-wedding-photos-nyc 40

studio-square-wedding-photos-nyc 41

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studio-square-wedding-photos-nyc 43

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studio-square-wedding-photos-nyc 45

studio-square-wedding-photos-nyc 46



Brooklyn Engagement Photos | L + T

I did a short n’ sweet engagement session in Brooklyn with these two friends of mine a few weeks ago. It was super cold this day, but they *somehow* managed to suffer through a float at Farmacy in Brooklyn for their photos.

This wedding is one of a few I will go to this year as a guest. I will spin around the dance floor with my dude and get tipsy! Their memories are in excellent hands, though; my friends Smitten Chickens will be on hand to photograph their wedding.

I can’t wait!

brooklyn-engagement-photos 2

brooklyn-engagement-photos 1

brooklyn-engagement-photos 3

brooklyn-engagement-photos 4


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Central Park Elopement Photographer | Colm + Marie

Colm and Marie’s elegant Central Park elopement was so fun to photograph; it was the perfect mix of sophistication and comfort. Marie’s “something blue” was a bottle of posh Blue Agava & Cacao perfume from Jo Malone and she added a bit of sparkle with a pretty hairband and glittery shoes; we also took along her cozy plaid wrap for warmth. It would end up lending itself to one of the most romantic winter wedding photos I’ve ever taken.

The pair lives in Ireland, and they stayed at the Irish hotel chain Fitzpatrick at Grand Central where I photographed them finishing up getting ready, and then we met officiant Marley Jay in the lobby who performed their ceremony. We then walked to Grand Central for some photos, then over to Central Park for their wedding ceremony.

It was a beautiful elopement.

1 central-park-elopement-photographer 18

central-park-elopement-photographer 1

central-park-elopement-photographer 2

central-park-elopement-photographer 3

central-park-elopement-photographer 9

central-park-elopement-photographer 10

central-park-elopement-photographer 13

central-park-elopement-photographer 14

central-park-elopement-photographer 15

central-park-elopement-photographer 17

central-park-elopement-photographer 21

central-park-elopement-photographer 23

central-park-elopement-photographer 22

After their ceremony the sun was out, but it began to sprinkle snow, and I caught this photo of them smooching in a sunbeam. Totally magic.


Brooklyn Elopement Photos | Christine + Daniel

First, I need to say a big “thank you” to artist Tom Fruin for placing this gorgeous colorful little glass house here, and for choosing colors that work so perfectly with Christine’s bouquet. You can go see this installation yourself at the Empire Fulton Ferry Dock.

Christine and Daniel got married with family at City Hall and asked me to take some photos afterward of just the two of them, so we met in DUMBO and walked around, stopping wherever we felt inspired. I managed to get both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge to feature in their shoot! We considered going ON to the Brooklyn Bridge, but with the sun setting, I thought they might like the waterfront instead, with the lights of lower Manhattan coming on in the background. My instinct was right, and I absolutely love the last photo in this set. (ISO 4000, f/2.8, 1/250 for the curious photo geeks!)

Daniel is a native Spanish speaker, so I tried to impress him with my list of Spanish phases, which are:

“¿Quieres un abarazo?” (“Do you want a hug?” Helpful if a friend looks sad.)

La mujer come una manzana. (“The woman eats an apple.” Thanks, DuoLingo. This one is almost totally useless.)

¡Sí, me gustaría ver el menú de postres! (“Yes, I would love to see the dessert menu!” Not at all useless.)

He said my accent was good. Thanks Daniel! It was so great to meet you both.

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 11

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 1

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 3

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 8

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 9

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 10

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 12


Brendan + Jessamyn | F.E.A.S.T at Round Hill Wedding Photos

Here is a super-fun wedding at F.E.A.S.T at Round Hill in Washingtonville, New York.

We first met Brendan and Jess over a year ago when I shot their engagement photos in Central Park and the iconic Rizzoli Bookstore in Manhattan (sadly, it is now closed.) The down-to earth + colorful theme continued with their wedding. They got ready together, and we took portraits before the ceremony in the garden that was still holding on to the last fall leaves.

I always tell couples that I am protective of those last few minutes before you walk down the aisle and would like to have all formal portraits done at least half an hour before the ceremony begins so you have some time to be still, and quiet. Jess is an avid knitter – she made their engagement photo sweaters and her wedding shawl – so she took the time to work on another project. I photographed a few photos of her hands working and then let them be.

After saying “I do” they had a wonderful wedding dinner and dancing reception in this gorgeous mansion. One of my favorite details was they toasted each other with a vintage bottle of port from their birth year.

Congratulations you two!

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 3

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 4

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 5

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 8

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 9

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 10

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 11

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 12

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 13

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 15

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 21

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 22

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 23

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 24

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 26

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 27

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 28

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 29

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 31

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 32

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 33

feast-at-round-hill-wedding 35

feast-at-round-hill-wedding-photos 37