Caroline & Eric's Intimate Wedding in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding
Intimate Wedding Brooklyn
Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding
Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding
Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding
Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding
Michelle Edgemont Elopement Bouquet
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC
Intimate Wedding in NYC

When Caroline, Eric and I Skyped for our initial meeting (they live out of state), I tried to sort of hide the fact that I was taking their call from my bed with Leeloo stretched across my lap. The lighting is pretty! And it was late! And I didn't want to wake Leeloo up - she was so comfy, and doing that dog snore thing I hoped my microphone wouldn't pick up. They laughingly called me out - and confessed they were also piled in bed with their dogs snugged in next to them.

Clearly, we were a perfect fit.

They had their wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, officiated by their dear friend Taylor, and after, we took advantage of the gorgeous cherry blossom trees for their photos, followed by a longer on-the-streets style of NYC portrait session. 

Friends and family gathered at the One Mile House in the Lower East Side for a perfect, low-key, only-in-New-York wedding, complete with cannoli for dessert, which Caroline and Eric shared ceremonially. What a great wedding! 

Hair + Makeup Cari Duprey | Florals by Michelle Edgemont | Gown by Renz Bridal

An Elopement in Grand Central Terminal | Adam & Michelle (and kiddos!)

When I asked Adam and Michelle what the craziest thing they'd ever done was, they said, "Taking four children under the age of 9 to elope with us in New York City!" 

Not so crazy though, actually! it was a lot of fun, and turned out beautifully. This photographer felt genuinely lucky to hang out with them while they became an official family.

They called themselves the 3+3 gang, which they nodded to in their pre-wedding "hands all in" cheer, and had engraved in their wedding bands (each parent came to the marriage with two children, Brady Bunch style). 

I met them at the Shelburne Hotel where they were staying, and we walked together to Grand Central Terminal where we met Genevieve Dreizen from Cheerleader for Love, who conducted their ceremony. Afterwards, we took portraits in GST as well as Bryant Park.

I love these guys!

Hannah and Kristen's Anniversary Portraits in NYC

NYC lesbian anniversary photos 2.jpg
NYC lesbian anniversary photos 6.jpg
NYC lesbian anniversary photos 5.jpg
NYC lesbian anniversary photos 7.jpg

Hannah and Kristen hail from New Zealand. They eloped in New York City last year, and when they planned their trip back last week, my husband and I had dinner with them at Dirt Candy, a phenomenal vegetarian restaurant where I had directed them the last time they were here for their wedding meal. (I'm going to attempt the Korean friend broccoli soon, because it is life changing.)

We also did a fun anniversary session! The Highline isn't a great place for wedding photos (it's crowded and narrow, so the risk of soiling your dress is high) or even engagement photos (I like to do more remote locations for those), but for a more laid-back, casual anniversary session where we are just running around taking photos, it was perfect. People got in the background, and they added to the photos, I felt, rather than detracted from them. 

Thank you for your fun faces, Hannah and Kristen! It was so wonderful to see you again. I'll come visit, promise. 

p.s. Bonus yours truly!

A Perfectly Rainy Manhattan Engagement Session

Every once in a while, someone will ask me to photograph an anniversary or engagement session for them because they're visiting New York. I love these! What a great way to remember your trip here.

These two lovebirds are from California, and wanted to capture their weekend here. I warned them that the weather is totally unpredictable here in March: you might get a gorgeous warm day, or clouds and rain. We got clouds and rain, but I think it worked out just fine, don't you?

Carrie Wilcox Floral Designer in Connecticut

Carrie Wilcox is a wonderful floral designer in Connecticut. She asked me for the images I photographed at Justin and Mary's Walk Through a Wedding workshop back in April 2015. Once I got back to my studio, I was happy to bust out my archive images and oblige. Having them all gathered up made me happy.

Happy weekend!

The One Where Holly & Mike Eloped in Manhattan

Winter Elopement portraits
Winter elopement bouquet
Winter elopement gloves
Amanda Thesen makeup artist NYC
Elopement makeup artist NYC
Winter elopement in NYC 4.jpg
Elopement in NYC
City Hall elopement in NYC
City Hall elopement in NYC
Marriage bureau elopement in NYC
Manhattan City Hall elopement

They got as far as booking the wedding for a large wedding in England, and decided it was too much, so they eloped in New York City a few days after Christmas. It was my first wedding of 2016. 

They got ready together at 1 Hotel Central Park in Manhattan, which had given them an extra room just to get ready together in. Amanda Thesen was there to rock out Holly's hair and makeup, and Mike helped her zip into her wedding dress.

They got married at City Hall, and then we did a few photos outside all bundled up before the cold got to us! It was a beautiful small elopement! 

Aloha! I went to Maui.

tropical photographer
amber marlow tropical photographer
tropical wedding photographer
amber-marlow-tropical-photographer 15.jpg
amber-marlow-tropical-photographer 16.jpg

I took very few photos with my "real camera" on my recent trip to Maui. It was technically our honeymoon, and we spent a lot of time going, "Hmmm, should we snorkel?" and then falling asleep on the beach instead. Or eating papaya. They're so fresh, inexpensive, and delicious on the island that I kept eating them. At one point, I had a bit of papaya stuck in my hair. My next purchase is a smaller camera that doesn't feel out of place on the sandy beach, but here were the shots I managed to squeeze out, in between Mai Tais and hammock visits.

Initially we got a weird hotel room, and I asked at the front desk if there was somewhere else they could put us (you better believe I played the honeymoon card). The upgrade was nothing short of epic. I'm not Beyonce, but I'm pretty sure she would have been impressed. There were massive sliding doors that looked straight out onto the ocean. They also sent a bottle of bubbly to our room with a handwritten note congratulating us. I laughed when I got it, because my 2016 wedding clients know this is my signature move. Clearly, I was in the right place. 

We visited with friends we have on the island. My friend Vanessa owns a food truck called Gypsy Maui, and I went inside to take photos of her making her island version of bulletproof coffee, which has coconut oil in it, and will change your life for the better if you get to try some.

Elopement in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens | Danielle and Nick

carroll gardens elopement
brooklyn elopement dress
floral getting ready robe
Brooklyn wedding photography
Elopement first look
Carroll Gardens elopement
Brooklyn Bridge Park wedding ceremony
Brooklyn Bridge Park elopement
Brooklyn elopement wedding ring exchange
Eloped in Brooklyn
DUMBO wedding portrait
Groom details in a Brooklyn Elopement
Carroll Gardens Wedding

Londoners Danielle and Nick eloped to New York City this fall on a gorgeous day, and surprised me when they decided to have their wedding in Brooklyn. It turns out she's lived here before years ago, and knew the secret: Brooklyn is awesome. This was their first trip to NYC together! 

They found me in the MOST fun way, too. Have you heard of the blog Cup of Jo? I've been reading for years, and someone mentioned me in the comments section as being an elopement photographer; Danielle followed that comment to my website, and the rest is history. Thank you, kind blog comment-leaver. You are excellent.  

When I asked Danielle and Nick why they eloped, they answered:

"We have such a big set of family and friends that a wedding day at home would have involved a lot of planning and stress ... This way we get to have a lovely, fairly stress-free day just the two of us and then invite everyone we can to a big party at home."

Perfect. We started off at their Williamsburg Air BnB, followed by a ceremony on the pebble beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park, officiated by Judie Guild. Then we headed to Carroll Gardens where we took photos on the classic Brooklyn streets before I walked them to their restaurant Prime Meats to have their celebratory lunch.

A Chic Christmas Eve Manhattan Elopement | Rachel and Michael

Elopement First Look
Christmas Eve elopement in Manhattan 5.jpg
Christmas Eve elopement in Manhattan 16.jpg

Rachel and Michael booked me months before their New York City elopement; they were coming here from the UK and were excited to spend Christmas in New York. It was a magical day to get married. I met them at their hotel room at the Sheraton TriBeCa, and after they were dressed, they proposed we head up to the roof before heading to our ceremony site.

The officiant had traveled with me since (we are married to each other, so I didn't have to pay him to carry my camera equipment for me) and when the four of us got to the roof, I said, "Change of plans if you want, you two. You should get married right here." 

I mean, look at that skyline. Plus, it was threatening rain, and I worried our travel time would only give the clouds more opportunity to start ruining Rachel's Drybar blowout. I assured them that no one would get in trouble with the hotel, and so, right then and there, they became husband and wife. We walked the streets a bit after, and just as we finished, so fat drops began to fall.

Photographers know best. 

A Chic Manhattan Elopement | Kate & Mike

1 chic manhattan elopement-7.jpg
chic manhattan elopement-8.jpg
chic manhattan elopement-9.jpg
chic manhattan elopement-17.jpg

Hair and Makeup Cari Duprey | Officiant Judie Guild

Kate skipped the white wedding gown and eloped in Manhattan in a gorgeous blue cocktail frock, complete with lovely hair accessory to match. I arrived in their hotel room to them sipping champagne while Kate got hair and makeup done, and I borrowed the cork for a photo. Her rings are vintage and belonged to her grandmother.

We went to the roof of their downtown hotel, which had a jaw-dropping view of the river and the World Trade Center from 57 stories up, and then headed to their ceremony in Battery Park, and finished with some classic photos around City Hall. 

Engagement Photos in Brooklyn | Kelly & Nick

Brooklyn Engagement Photos by Amber Marlow 1.jpg

A super fun engagement session in Brooklyn! We started off at their home, and then headed out into the streets for some lifestyle shots (I took a portrait of their cat while they were putting on shoes to go out.)

They were going to skip engagement photos, but loved my "no cheesy engagement photos" philosophy. I like that these reflect who they are: fun, casual, and happy in love. 

A Boho Chic Intimate Wedding in Central Park | A. & L.

Intimate Central Park Wedding photos 15.jpg

They met in high school, then found each other again on MySpace. Remember when it was the biggest social media platform? 

They got married at the Ladies Pavillon in Central Park, along with a small handful of their friends and family, and we took photos afterward in Central Park.

L.'s something borrowed was her mother's pearl necklace. I shared this a bit on Instagram a while ago: I had photographed it in a very traditional way, but I had a few extra minutes during hair and makeup, so I photographed it in a more artistic way on the mercury glass mirrored tables that their getting ready Air BnB had. I love the result!

Their ceremony included a hand-fasting ceremony and heartfelt vows, and I loved that A. snuck his phone out for some quick shots of his brand new wife while we were taking wedding portraits.