Anthony David’s Hoboken Restaurant Wedding Photos | Central Park Conservatory Garden Wedding | Oriana+Peter

Autumn in New York is pretty much magic, which is why now in late January I’m looking over these photos and sighing. I miss this time of year. Peter and Oriana took full advantage of NYC’s shamelessly colorful foliage and had a Halloween wedding that was fun with just a few spooky touches.

We met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take some photos on the iconic steps and fountains, then walked uptown to the Central Park Conservatory Garden for their intimate wedding ceremony, where we met about twenty friends and family who cheered as they tied the knot.

We took a party bus over to Hoboken and fetched Jack, their old, super teeny dog who sported a cute bowtie sweater for the occasion. We took some photos around town and on the pier with him before bringing him back home. As we were leaving the pier he was shivering from the wind, so I took him and put him into my coat with his face peeking out under my chin. He kind of nestled into my bosom and stayed there hands-free, and I was able to shoot a few more photos with a fuzzy head to nuzzle. It was pretty great; I snapped selfie with my iPhone.

After dropping Jack at home we went Anthony David’s in Hoboken for their wedding reception. Delicious!

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 2

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 3

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 1

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 4

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 6

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 7

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 10

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 11

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 13

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 14

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 15

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 16

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 17-1

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 17

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 18

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 19

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 22

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 23

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 24


This wedding tattoo, you guys.


anthony-davids-hoboken-wedding-photos 11 1

Anthony-Davids-Hoboken-Wedding-photos 2


Anthony-Davids-Hoboken-Wedding-photos 3

Anthony-Davids-Hoboken-Wedding-photos 4

Anthony-Davids-Hoboken-Wedding-photos 7



Austin + Daniel | Same-Sex NYC Elopement Photographer

Between families already gathered for the holidays and the fact that there are a ton of people getting married before the end of the year to score a tax break, getting married at City Hall in NYC during the last week of December is generally an hours-long proposition that I tell eloping folks to avoid if they possibly can. Austin and Daniel were stumped to where to tie the knot otherwise. We didn’t have a lot of time to figure it out, either; the guys defined “last minute elopement” by firming up plans with me 48 hours before their wedding! I helped them pull their day together with two major pieces: officiant and location.

The officiant was pretty easy; my fiancé is a humanist celebrant. He has a day job but happened to be free this day, so officiant done!

The other problem was where. Eloping in New York City in the spring, summer, and fall is no problem; there are lots of amazing parks and outdoor locations, but indoor pop-up weddings can be tricky. It was SUPER cold, though, so vows inside were a requirement (we had a southern Mom and Dad to think of). We also wanted a spot that wouldn’t be mobbed with holiday tourists. After a brainstorm session and visiting different locations I came up with the New York Public Library. It was swarming with security guards, but they tied the knot quickly and quietly on a landing, to the delight of a few passers-by who caught us.

We started the day at their hotel room at The Standard in the East Village and then headed up to mid-town for more photos and their wedding.

Thank you, Marley, for being on hand to marry these two (and for being super-duper sexy while doing it.)

Congratulations Austin and Daniel!

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 1

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 2

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 4

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 6

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 7

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 8

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 9

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 11

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 12

nyc-gay-elopement-photos 13


Public Restaurant NYC Wedding Photos | E+T

I was so excited when New York and Chicago-based photographer Emilia Jane invited me to second shoot with her at this wedding. Thanks Emilia!

I started in Hoboken with the guys who were getting ready at the couple’s apartment (it’s so fun to get hang out with the dudes!) and then Emilia and I met at the church for the wedding ceremony.  After some portraits by the waterfront we headed into Manhattan for a reception at the NoLiTa restaurant PUBLIC in Manhattan. It’s an amazingly gorgeous venue that leant itself well to their simple-but-elegant New York City wedding vibe.

1 public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 1

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 2

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 3

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 4

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 5

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 8

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 10

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 21

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 22

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 23

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 25

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 26

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 31

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 33

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 34

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 37

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 41

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 42

public-restaurant-wedding-nyc 43


Vintage-Inspired NYC Elopement | Chris + Melanie

Londoners Chris and Melanie eloped in New York City; they got married at City Hall by themselves, then met me at the Jade Hotel in Greenwich Village. We started our session in the cozy lobby before going out into the cold, clear day.

Melanie’s outfit is amazing, isn’t it? She chose a floor length emerald velvet gown with a corset underneath and a vintage mink wrap with a classic brooch. People stopped them on the street to say they looked amazing, and it’s pretty much impossible to get New Yorkers to raise an eyebrow.

These two were absolutely wonderful to work with and let me pick where I wanted to take them, so I chose my favorite place in the City: Washington Square Park.

We shot these photo in the late afternoon time frame just as the days were getting super short, and the winter light was gorgeous and deep gold.

nyc-elopement-photographer 1

nyc-elopement-photographer 4

nyc-elopement-photographer 3

nyc-elopement-photographer 5

nyc-elopement-photographer 6

nyc-elopement-photographer 8

nyc-elopement-photographer 9

nyc-elopement-photographer 10

nyc-elopement-photographer 12


One Shot: Goofballs! | F.E.A.S.T at Round Hill Wedding

Brendan and Jessamyn were making goofy faces at each other during their wedding at F.E.A.S.T at Round Hill in the Hudson Valley. She made that shawl herself!