Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

I'm one of those people who feels at home in the world. Part of this is because I live in New York City, where several languages are spoken every day just outside of my window, so I never feel too far away when I'm abroad. Part of it is that I grew up reading about far-off places in my encyclopedias but thinking I'd never see them. Most of it is my sense of humanism - I love humanity as a whole so deeply, and travel reaffirms this again and again. Bringing my camera all over the world has been one of the greatest joys of my life. 

Why hire a destination wedding photographer?

Hiring an experienced destination wedding photographer is essential. It takes a certain kind of photographer to hang out with your guests over the course of a few days. I'm comfortable using technology and extensive research both beforehand and on location to scout the perfect portrait locations.

With family in the Caribbean as well as New York, it made sense for me to establish part of my business in both places. As an unexpected bonus, I found out quickly that, for same-sex couples, it's a relief to not worry about finding a gay-friendly wedding photographer in the Caribbean. The region, while beautiful for destination weddings, is unfortunately still not as receptive as we would like.

I'm also available for destination weddings all over the world. 

  • If you're from NYC and having a destination wedding, we can meet in person before your wedding day, just like I do with all of my clients. Alternatively, we can Skype.
  • Many of my clients have found that it is not only more expensive to hire photographers at their wedding locations, doing so adds an element of uncertainty and risk when it comes to getting their wedding photos later.
  • Your destination wedding package includes extensive location scouting for the absolute best photos.
  • My communication via email and WhatsApp is quick and easy.