complete wedding photography collections

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Uptown Elopement, 3500

6 hours of photography & small album

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The New York Classic, 2800

4 hours of photography & small album


Downtown Elopement, 2400

3 hours of photography & small album

The Beautiful Album, +800

upgrade your small elopement album to a full-size wedding album.

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Pure Photography Collections: Digital Files Only

6 hours of elopement photography, 2700

4 hours of elopement photography, 2000

3 hours of elopement photography, 1600


The City Hall Special, 1300
About 2 hours; ceremony & portraits
Although not exclusive to City Hall Weddings, this is the perfect collection if you want to get married at the Marriage Bureau and have portraits taken in the area surrounding City Hall.

No need to worry about watching the clock at City Hall either: no matter how long it takes, you're covered.

The Park Elopement, 800
1 hour; ceremony & portraits
For couples getting married Monday-Friday outside of City Hall and want a little bit of photography. Get married in Central Park under a tree, in your hotel suite on the balcony, on the cobblestone streets of the West Village... the city is wide open!