New York City Elopement Photography

Manhattan elopement photographer

"High end, low key." 

That's my motto for elopements (borrowed from the best cocktail bar in Manhattan).

I'm commissioned by couples from all corners of the globe who want an incredible, luxurious New York City elopement experience.


The majority of my elopements are three or four hours, and start at 1845. Most couples add an elopement album to this, too. They are photographed wedding style, starting at your hotel during hair and makeup, and always with variety of candids, portraits, and editorial shots.

Smaller "portrait session elopements" are also available, too, but only Monday - Friday and excluding holidays. They're one or two hours, and just right for a little something.

Regarding horse-drawn carriages in Central Park

Due to the less-than-stellar conditions the horses are kept in, and the fact busy Manhattan streets and horses don’t mix, I (along with many other New Yorkers) believe they should be banned. Until they are, I decline taking photos of couples in or by these carriages; supporting this practice with my art is something I can’t do.

You should jump in a pedicab instead. The guys who drive them are fun, and the seats are tiny and perfect for snuggling.

Common Questions About Eloping in New York City

How do we know how many hours we'll need?

I'll help you decide. With well over a hundred elopements in this City under my belt, I've got a lot of ideas.

How do you elope in NYC? How does it work?
First, you'll need a marriage license for the Marriage Bureau in City Hall, located at 141 Worth Street in Manhattan. You'll have to have this time-stamped 24 hours before your ceremony. It's $35 for the license, which you may pay with cash or credit. You'll both need to appear in person, and you'll need to also bring government issued ID (like a passport) for each of you. 

For your ceremony, you can either go back to City Hall 24 hours later (no need to book ahead of time) or hire a private officiant to get married elsewhere in the City. You will need at least one, and up to two witnesses. I'm happy to be your witness if you'd like - at this point my signature is on dozens of marriage certificates all over the planet. 

We need professional hair and makeup, and would like a bouquet. Can you help?
Yes. Check out my Friends of Amber Marlow page for some of the best wedding vendors in New York City

What if City Hall takes a really long time and cuts into our portrait session?
Not for my couples!

I made my own "Marlow elopement rule": Any time we spend at City Hall counts as no more than one hour. Say you have my three hour elopement photography collection. We do an hour of getting ready, then arrive at City Hall. There, it takes two and half hours for you to make your way through to get married. After you're done, no worries: we'll still have an hour left for portraits. 

It’s different than the way most elopement photographers work, but lines up with my values: No looking at the time on your wedding day or missing out. I just want you to have great photography. Period. 

Do you offer wedding albums for eloping clients?
Most elopement clients get a small album in their collection. It's a linen-bound art book with archival pages. You may also swap it out completely for a traditional wedding album, exactly like what I offer to my large wedding clients. It's coffee table style, and is heirloom quality. I highly recommend you do this.

What about permits?
You are responsible for acquiring all photography permits needed on the day of the wedding. If it’s in NYC, I can usually point you in the right direction off the top of my head.

What if something happens to you on the day of our elopement?
I've never missed an elopement. I take shooting your wedding very seriously, of course, and would never "call out sick" unless there was a circumstance so extenuating it could not be helped. Should this happen, I have several amazing photographers on speed dial.

Wait, we just changed our minds and we're getting married a plane ride away.
I can come, too! Every year, I photograph weddings big and small all over the world.

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