A New York City Wedding

Lesbian Wedding in Brooklyn 20.jpg

2017 full day wedding commissions begin at 4200. 

Reduced hours and associate photographers are an option, too. For elopement pricing visit the New York City Elopements page.

Like a good marriage, my photography is designed to stand the test of time.

My aim is to curate a collection of images, both candid and posed, that tell the story of your day from beginning to end in the most authentic way possible. They'll be presented with timeless, clean editing and classic posing, skipping the trendy filters, cliché poses, and artsy photos that are so far out that they would look out of place framed at your grandmother's house.

Pretty details are great, too, and I enjoy creative shots and photographing gorgeous floral displays, but the photos that will make you laugh and cry and the images that you are going to come back to again and again are going to be the joyful faces of you and your loved ones at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

That’s where the magic is.

As for me? Being a wedding photographer isn’t “just a job” for me, it's a privilege. You’re creating a whole new family on your wedding day, and that’s HUGE! I feel lucky to be at every wedding I'm invited to capture. 

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