Wedding Photography Collections

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Elopement pricing can be seen here on the New York City Elopements page.

For intimate weddings, coverage begins at 3000. Complete wedding collections - including an album and engagement session - begin at 4850.

I also have three incredible associate photographers that start at a lower price point.

New York City metro area, the Caribbean islands, and worldwide.

The Booking Process

After you contact me, I'll send you over a complete list of my pricing. Once we've decided on what coverage you need (I'll help you decide if you want, and am happy to chat with your planner, too) I'll send over an agreement for you to sign, and take a retainer via Chase QuickPay, check, or credit card. This will officially hold your wedding date in my calendar.

Your engagement photos get put into my calendar whenever you'll need them for save-the-dates. This is a great time to experience how it feels to be professionally photographed and for us to get to know one another - and a fabulous excuse to get dressed up and be romantic! (It's also a great day for hair and makeup trials.)

We'll meet one last time before your wedding, via phone or in person, no later than a month before the big day to go over your family formals list and take care of any last details.

Final payment is due 30 days before your wedding, and that's it. Easy and honest, with no hidden surprises or unnecessary complications. You'll have your images in your hands in six weeks or less, and a bound album in your hands a few months later.

Style and Philosophy

Being a wedding photographer isn’t “just a job” for me, it's a privilege. You’re creating a whole new family on your wedding day, and that’s HUGE! I work hard to create a series of both candid and posed photos that tell the story of your day from beginning to end in the most authentic way possible, with vibrant, editorial photos.

Pretty details are great, too, and I enjoy creative shots and photographing gorgeous floral displays, but the photos that will make you laugh and cry and the images that you are going to come back to again and again are going to be the joyful faces of you and your loved ones at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

That’s where the magic is.

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Engagement Photos

Non-cheesy engagement photos, please.

Thank you.

My approach to engagement photos.

We'll skip the awkward poses, and take fun photos of you hanging out at home or on your street, or going out on a great date. We can go bowling, have coffee in your living room, or pick out a Christmas tree. Whatever is fun and meaningful to you as a couple.

I encourage my clients to dress as if they're going to a party or even a wedding for their images. You don't have to go full on Black tie... but you COULD!

Obviously, you can also bring your dog. 

Why take engagement photos?

Engagement photos are an opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to be photographed by me before your wedding day, for us to get to know one another, and for you to get some awesome photos, of course.

Can you shoot engagement photos for us if you're not our wedding photographer?


My wedding collection clients get a discount on their sessions; if I won't be photographing your wedding, the cost is $750 in New York City, which includes your files. If you decide later to have me photograph your wedding, the Amber Marlow clients discount gets factored into your overall investment. Sweet!

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Wedding Albums

Why bother with an album?

One of the best childhood memories I have is browsing my grandparents’ wedding album. Even today, Grandma and I like to get together and look at it. It’s hard to believe she was so young and that grandpa was so dashing. I know every single one of those photos by heart, and it was my first inspiration to becoming a wedding photographer years ago.

In this photo taken by my life-long friend Jennifer Thompson, Grandma and I are looking at her wedding album for the umpteenth time.

"Flash drives make shitty heirlooms."

There’s magic in printed photos and albums. Digital sharing is great for the here and now, but if you leave your photos languishing on your hard drive, you’ll never look at them after a while. Neither will your friends and family, who are not going to open up your computer and click through to see them without being specifically invited. They’ll love lifting your wedding album off your coffee table, though, and maybe one day your grandchildren will, too. 

My heirloom-quality, acid free albums are available in both leather and vegan covers.

Your parents, grandparents, or friends are welcome to purchase a gift certificate for albums (wedding album > toaster). I also offer an elegant matted album for couples who want something extra special.

They ship gratis from my Brooklyn studio to anywhere in the world.