Weddings in New York City

Let's do this thing.

I am excited that you have chosen to entrust me with one of the most important days, and some of the most important photographs, of your life. I take this very seriously.

Call me if you need anything. My personal number is 203-526-1738, and you can call or text me with any questions. I've been around a ton of weddings (obviously) and just might have the answer you need even if it's not specifically photography related.

You're Booked! What Next?

1. Get Connected. 
I'm all over social media, and love when clients connect with me. I'm on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

2. Engagement Photos.
Let's get your engagement session on the calendar if you want one. For brides who plan to have a pro stylist on their wedding day, it's a good idea to schedule hair and makeup trials for engagement photo day. (It is ALSO a good idea to end the session with date night - you're already all dressed up!) 

The engagement session is a fantastic way for you to practice being photographed and for me to learn how you move in front of a camera before the big day. Plan on it taking about an hour, ending at sunset. I shoot engagement sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in NYC, but if that doesn't work for you, let's talk.  

If you're having a wedding photographed by an associate photographer, you have the option to have them or me shoot your engagement session. 

3. Flash Drives Make Shitty Heirlooms.
Start thinking about an album if you haven't already. You might want to ask your parents if they'd like parent albums, too. You can choose from the Marlow Signature album, the Wedding Book album, or the Consumer album. I also have options for parent albums, too.