About Amber Marlow

Amber Marlow Headshot.jpg

I live in New York City, in Brooklyn, with my husband and son. In addition to being a wedding photographer, I serve as an editor at the wedding publication Catalyst Wed Co.

My home is a tiny 100-year-old apartment in Park Slope. There was barely enough room before Desmond was born, and now it’s even more crowded. But, it has high ceilings, gets a lot of light, and there’s a café around the corner where dessert often appears on our table but not on our bill… so we stay.

We love to travel. I’ve been all over the world, both photographing weddings and just visiting. While I try not to bring back too many souvenirs (again, tiny apartment), I do take a lot of photos. You can see them here: #MarlowTravelogue

As far as I'm concerned, the best things in the world are wine & cheese nights, rooftop cocktails, second-hand bookstores, tiny bistros in Europe, tropical climates in the winter, lobster rolls in Connecticut in the summer, excellent design, pretty shoes that are also magically comfortable, and when it’s someone’s birthday.

My collection of vintage Christmas records is getting slightly out of hand. They start playing in heavy rotation on the first of December.

I believe in kindness, handwritten notes, champagne toasts, doing the fun thing instead of the cool thing, authentic moments, fictive kinship, genuine over perfect, well-made and tailored over trendy fast fashion, old dogs, new passport stamps, live jazz, and the legacy of classic wedding photos - for you, and for generations to come.

I am also very good at backgammon.

portrait of me by Sarah Hoppes

amber marlow and family.JPG

This is my family! My husband and I met on OK Cupid in 2013, and got married in 2015. In the spring of 2019, we welcomed Desmond. You’ll probably hear him “singing” in the background when we talk.

photo by Shatimah Monaé