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Wedding Albums


  • 8 x 8 inches square {20 x 20 cm square}
  • 20 pages, which equals ~45 images

You may upgrade your album in size (most clients get a 10 x 10 inch) and/or number of pages and images for an additional cost.

Covers - Leather or Fabric

You can have your album bound in leather or fabric.

Leathers are available in variety of classic or distressed options; for fabric, you may select Japanese silk or European linen.

There are a lots of colour options that I'll guide you through when the time comes.

The cover can be left plain, or you may also chose to have have your names and/or your wedding date embossed on the cover (with most materials; some options aren't suited to embossing). Alternatively, you can have a cameo put on the cover that displays your favourite image. Both of these special add ons are free upgrades.

Parent Albums

You may add on a 6x6 inch album for your parents. They're exact duplicates of the big album in both cover material and layout. These are 500 each, and you can add as many as you'd like.

Mini albums must be added on at the time of ordering the original album.

The Photos Above:

The three images above are a stack of leather albums showing both distressed and classic options; two Japanese silk options, with the top one featuring a cameo; and a leather 10 x 10 album with it's accompanying parent album.

Wedding Album Boxes

Keep them plain, or add engraving to the wood boxes and embossing to the fabric boxes, compliments of my studio.

Walnut album box, $500

handcrafted, featuring dovetail joints and your choice of three stains

dark walnut wedding album box
walnut box finishes

Fabric album box, $320

made in the same fabric as your linen or silk albums for a seamless look.

fabric album box
fabric album box

Bamboo album box, $290

handcrafted out of renewable California bamboo, in two choices of stain

bamboo album box.jpg
bamboo box options

“Flash drives make shitty heirlooms!”

I shouted this in a bar, two beers deep, surrounded by other photographers after a long day at a photography convention we had all attended together. They all nodded in agreement and clinked their glasses on mine.

This cheeky phrase became my mantra for printed images, a plea to our digital generation to embrace wedding albums, knowing they'll become a significant part of your family history - and legacy - as the years go on.

Despite being the most photographed generation, we have the least physical proof. My grandparents have a huge box of photos from the 1940s to the early 2000’s, but I worry we're not going to have the same experience for our grandchildren.

Your family stories live through prints and albums. They're a time capsule for the future. I believe in wedding albums.

So strongly, in fact, that not only did I use the same manufacturer for my own wedding album, they are now included with every full wedding collection as part of the "Marlow experience". I know you'll love yours as much as my husband and I do, and I'm enormously proud of them.

Your wedding comes pre-designed, but with a bit of wiggle room, so you'll get to pick which family and reception photos you'd like included. You will have the option to upgrade to your wedding album (perhaps a larger size, or by adding more than the 45 images... or both) AND you have the option to add a storage box to keep it in, but you'll never pay for shipping. They can be sent anywhere in the world that has postal service, compliments of my studio, and if you're in New York City, they're hand delivered by me personally.

Your memories shouldn't be stuck on a flash drive.