Aloha! I went to Maui.

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I took very few photos with my "real camera" on my recent trip to Maui. It was technically our honeymoon, and we spent a lot of time going, "Hmmm, should we snorkel?" and then falling asleep on the beach instead. Or eating papaya. They're so fresh, inexpensive, and delicious on the island that I kept eating them. At one point, I had a bit of papaya stuck in my hair. My next purchase is a smaller camera that doesn't feel out of place on the sandy beach, but here were the shots I managed to squeeze out, in between Mai Tais and hammock visits.

Initially we got a weird hotel room, and I asked at the front desk if there was somewhere else they could put us (you better believe I played the honeymoon card). The upgrade was nothing short of epic. I'm not Beyonce, but I'm pretty sure she would have been impressed. There were massive sliding doors that looked straight out onto the ocean. They also sent a bottle of bubbly to our room with a handwritten note congratulating us. I laughed when I got it, because my 2016 wedding clients know this is my signature move. Clearly, I was in the right place. 

We visited with friends we have on the island. My friend Vanessa owns a food truck called Gypsy Maui, and I went inside to take photos of her making her island version of bulletproof coffee, which has coconut oil in it, and will change your life for the better if you get to try some.