Amber Marlow Headshots | Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Amber Marlow Headshots Brooklyn-Headshot-Photographer Some exciting news, which you probably heard if you follow me on Facebook: I launched a side company!

This year has brought me into focus: I want to photograph weddings and elopements primarily. It's where my heart is, it's how my mind works, it's what my calling is. Summer wedding season is over, and I came through it exhausted and glowing, filled up and excited.

I'm a wedding photographer.

Letting go of family photos was hard; hanging out with toddlers and babies is this sweet, soft space that I really loved and cherished (if you're a former client - or you really, really want me to photograph your family - reach out and we'll talk.)

But letting go of headshots? It wasn't happening. I love-love-love portrait photography. And it's necessary: you need photos for Twitter and Linked-In, of course, and there's a huge lack of photographers who take dating headshots for OKCupid and Tinder and Me? I can say pretty confidently that I'm damn good at dating photos, partially because for most of 2013, I (sort of) jokingly considered dating my part-time job. I went on THIRTY first dates. (It worked: first date number 29 and I got engaged at the beginning of September and I haven't stopped glowing... or sparkling!) I know what it takes to make a good profile photo.

As a result, I've launched Amber Marlow Headshots as a side dish to my main course. If you're looking for dating profile photos, professional but creative headshots, or just need to update your social media images, this is the place to go.

I'm so excited!