Amylynn + Kevin | Connecticut Backyard Wedding

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Amylynn and Kevin hosted a backyard wedding at their Connecticut home. Their house is tucked into the woods, and we actually drove by it at first before turing around on a narrow country road and pulling in.

They bought the property years ago and built their dream home on it, and recently added an elegant barn in the back that will serve as a woodworking space and home for Kevin's dreamy vintage car. Its very first task, though, was to dress up in twinkle lights and host their wedding reception.

Rarely do I photograph a wedding where the location is such a personality of its own, but with all the personal touches these newlyweds added to their space, the entire property felt like a character, too, and it was really fun to discover all the little details. When we arrived to photograph it, friends and family were bustling around getting last minute details finished up. The result was that every corner was brimming with love and community.

They timed their wedding to the August super moon and crossed their fingers that it wouldn't rain or be overcast at night. The gamble paid off and we had incredible weather, with glorious moonlit shots at the end of the night.

My friend Jen from Jennifer E. Thompson Photography came along to shoot this with me; in addition to creating albums for me, she's a brilliant photographer in her own right (and one of my absolute dearest friends), and it was so great to have her with me all day. We both had a blast (and loved the avocado bar - seriously, it was like "make your own sundaes" except with slices avocado instead of ice cream and salsa and cheese instead of sprinkles. Amazing.)

Congratulations Kevin and Amylynn!

hair and makeup by Areli at The Signature Salon and Day Spa | catering by A Thyme to Cook | florals by The Flower Pot | DJAnthony J. Sottile | Amylynn's wedding gown by Justin Alexander | Kevin's suit by Ralph Lauren | wooden wedding rings made by Kevin