An Elopement in Grand Central Terminal | Adam & Michelle (and kiddos!)

When I asked Adam and Michelle what the craziest thing they'd ever done was, they said, "Taking four children under the age of 9 to elope with us in New York City!" 

Not so crazy though, actually! it was a lot of fun, and turned out beautifully. This photographer felt genuinely lucky to hang out with them while they became an official family.

They called themselves the 3+3 gang, which they nodded to in their pre-wedding "hands all in" cheer, and had engraved in their wedding bands (each parent came to the marriage with two children, Brady Bunch style). 

I met them at the Shelburne Hotel where they were staying, and we walked together to Grand Central Terminal where we met Genevieve Dreizen from Cheerleader for Love, who conducted their ceremony. Afterwards, we took portraits in GST as well as Bryant Park.

I love these guys!