An Intimate Wedding on the DUMBO Waterfront | Linus & Melissa

International clients show their passports at their elopement.
A bride in her wedding gown, laughing while sitting in a poof of a lacy skirt.
Traditional red Chinese wedding shoes
Bride jumping on the bed in her wedding gown.
First look at the DUMBO waterfront.
First look in DUMBO, Brooklyn, during an elopement.
First Look at an intimate wedding in Brooklyn
Elopement in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Married by Marley officiating a wedding in DUMBO
Ring exchange during a wedding ceremony in NYC.
Getting ice cream in Brooklyn after a wedding.
Ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles.
Bride eating ice cream
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Elopement in Brooklyn
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Janes Carousel elopement
Elope on the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront
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An elopement in Brooklyn

Melissa has been a good friend for well over a decade, and I was absolutely thrilled for her when she introduced us to Linus, although a little wary - they’d just met! And now he was marrying her? I had to give him the once over, and found him completely wonderful.

They wanted to get married quickly because of visa issues, and were planning to go to City Hall in Manhattan to get it done quickly.

“Are you sure?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “Because I’ve photographed a lot of City Hall weddings, and they are amazing if that’s what you really want, but I know you, and I don’t think you want one. And if you just go to City Hall and that’s NOT what you want, they’re really disappointing.”

And she admitted she wanted a tiny bit more of a fuss - not a big one, and that was all I needed. My husband Marley and I helped them pull together a wedding. Her parents came up from Texas, his were in from Sweden, plus a handful of friends and siblings, and boom! In a few months, an intimate wedding in Brooklyn was pulled together.

We started with a first look, followed by ceremony conducted by Marley, aka Married by Marley, on the Brooklyn waterfront in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Brooklyn Bridge stood in the background, a symbol of where their international love story began.

Melissa is known for her sweet tooth, so immediately after the ceremony, we got ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, followed by photos after sunset on the East River.

I absolutely love these two, and absolutely HATE that they now live an ocean away!