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We did family portraits in Prospect Park on a gorgeous fall day, and Calvin had me charmed the entire time. First, he pointed out letters of the alphabet with an accuracy that surprised me given how young he is, then he found a tiny dinosaur in the grass and carted it along with his model F train from home which made me laugh, and - the kicker - he serenaded me with a very quiet song.

"Is that his ABC's? I can barely hear him." I asked, leaning in. His parents chuckled and answered, "No, it's Enya." Toddlers, man. They never stop surprising me, and I love it.

Calvin's fascination for all things subway led to the shot of them in the stairwell of the F/G stop, and I really liked that Grandma came along for photos, too. I adore my grandmother, and it was fantastic to have her living so close when I was growing up. Getting to take photos of Calvin having the same experience was pretty great.