Anthony David's Hoboken Restaurant Wedding Photos | Central Park Conservatory Garden Wedding | Oriana+Peter

Autumn in New York is pretty much magic, which is why now in late January I'm looking over these photos and sighing. I miss this time of year. Peter and Oriana took full advantage of NYC's shamelessly colorful foliage and had a Halloween wedding that was fun with just a few spooky touches. We met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take some photos on the iconic steps and fountains, then walked uptown to the Central Park Conservatory Garden for their intimate wedding ceremony, where we met about twenty friends and family who cheered as they tied the knot.

We took a party bus over to Hoboken and fetched Jack, their old, super teeny dog who sported a cute bowtie sweater for the occasion. We took some photos around town and on the pier with him before bringing him back home. As we were leaving the pier he was shivering from the wind, so I took him and put him into my coat with his face peeking out under my chin. He kind of nestled into my bosom and stayed there hands-free, and I was able to shoot a few more photos with a fuzzy head to nuzzle. It was pretty great; I snapped selfie with my iPhone.

After dropping Jack at home we went Anthony David's in Hoboken for their wedding reception. Delicious!

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 2

Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 3

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Central-Park-Conservatory-Garden-wedding-photos 4

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This wedding tattoo, you guys.


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Anthony-Davids-Hoboken-Wedding-photos 2


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Anthony-Davids-Hoboken-Wedding-photos 4

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