"Bashful" - Up for Adoption! | New York City Pet Photographer

If you ever want to hear me squee, give me a puppy.

This is Bashful - she's four months old and sweet as can be. I met her recently at an adoption event, and as far as I know, she's still available if anyone is interested. You can contact the Dog Habitat Rescue in Brooklyn to inquire about her or any of her six brothers and sisters, heroically plucked off the kill-list at 10 weeks old by this extraordinary organization.

When I met Bashful, she had spent the day at the park trying to get adopted and was clonking out, snuggled in volunteer Katie's arms. Thanks, Katie, for keeping her awake just a little longer so I could snuggle and snap some photos.

I like this shot of her investigating the goings-on behind a gate; it shows off her prim little nails.

When you hold her like this, you can feel the full weight of her mushy puppy body. It's fantastic.

Goodnight, Bashful. I hope you find a forever home soon.