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the tutu project

the tutu project

I noticed Bob Carey having his photo taken on the Highline this Sunday. He was dressed in a black tee shirt which made him less recognizable; we're used to seeing his not-quite-ballerina body wrapped in a bright pink tutu - and nothing else - but he was holding his pink tutu, which is how I knew for sure. It turns out that his wife Linda was snapping a (clothed) portrait for a magazine they're going to be in. I walked by twice before getting up the nerve to slide over and tell him that I was really big fan of his project.

If you're not familiar, Linda was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 (and again in 2006). To cheer her up during the ordeal, he took a goofy photo of himself in a pink tutu. It turned into an entire series, a book, and they're still at it all these years later, with Bob causing a fun scene everywhere he dances.

"HelloIlikeyourproject!" I stammered, grinning. "I'mareallybigfan. It'snicetomeetyou. Kbye." I tried to slip away after a quick handshake, but he called me back over and gave me a button and a sticker with his hilarious logo on them, and introduced me to the photographer, his wife, who I hadn't even noticed at first.

We talked for a few minutes, which was so kind of them. I shared that I was a photographer, too, I asked if I could take their portrait with that iconic tutu in the shot. My favorite part of this photo is that you can actually see how much they love each other.

If you haven't heard of the project yet, do yourself a favor and check The Tutu Project.