Brendan + Jessamyn | F.E.A.S.T at Round Hill Wedding Photos

Here is a super-fun wedding at F.E.A.S.T at Round Hill in Washingtonville, New York. We first met Brendan and Jess over a year ago when I shot their engagement photos in Central Park and the iconic Rizzoli Bookstore in Manhattan (sadly, it is now closed.) The down-to earth + colorful theme continued with their wedding. They got ready together, and we took portraits before the ceremony in the garden that was still holding on to the last fall leaves.

I always tell couples that I am protective of those last few minutes before you walk down the aisle and would like to have all formal portraits done at least half an hour before the ceremony begins so you have some time to be still, and quiet. Jess is an avid knitter - she made their engagement photo sweaters and her wedding shawl - so she took the time to work on another project. I photographed a few photos of her hands working and then let them be.

After saying "I do" they had a wonderful wedding dinner and dancing reception in this gorgeous mansion. One of my favorite details was they toasted each other with a vintage bottle of port from their birth year.

Congratulations you two!

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