Brooklyn Elopement Photos | Christine + Daniel

First, I need to say a big "thank you" to artist Tom Fruin for placing this gorgeous colorful little glass house here, and for choosing colors that work so perfectly with Christine's bouquet. You can go see this installation yourself at the Empire Fulton Ferry Dock. Christine and Daniel got married with family at City Hall and asked me to take some photos afterward of just the two of them, so we met in DUMBO and walked around, stopping wherever we felt inspired. I managed to get both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge to feature in their shoot! We considered going ON to the Brooklyn Bridge, but with the sun setting, I thought they might like the waterfront instead, with the lights of lower Manhattan coming on in the background. My instinct was right, and I absolutely love the last photo in this set. (ISO 4000, f/2.8, 1/250 for the curious photo geeks!)

Daniel is a native Spanish speaker, so I tried to impress him with my list of Spanish phases, which are:

"¿Quieres un abarazo?" ("Do you want a hug?" Helpful if a friend looks sad.)

La mujer come una manzana. ("The woman eats an apple." Thanks, DuoLingo. This one is almost totally useless.)

¡Sí, me gustaría ver el menú de postres! ("Yes, I would love to see the dessert menu!" Not at all useless.)

He said my accent was good. Thanks Daniel! It was so great to meet you both.

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 11

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 1

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 3

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 8

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 9

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 10

brooklyn-elopement-photographer 12