Brooklyn Engagement Photos | Molly + Kevin

Like I said before, one of my goals for 2015 is to take creative engagement photos. What I mean is take photos of couples that showcase their personalities a little better than the "stand in a field and smile" photos do. This makes it a little more complicated, but the results are worth it. Molly and Kevin are getting marred in May, so their wedding photos are going to be very "spring time in New York" (I can't wait... the weather here is brutal right now.) To give a nice contrast, we did this super-Christmasy shot in early December where they picked out their tree together in Park Slope. I'm in LOVE the the results and we had a lot of fun.

Park Slope-dwellers will no doubt recognize where we shot, just outside of the Key Food on 5th Avenue. A lovely family of French Canadians comes down every year to sell them in Brooklyn in this spot. I've gotten my own trees there since 2009 so it was special for me, too.

brooklyn-engagement-photos 1

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