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One of my favorite childhood memories is browsing my grandparents' wedding album. Even today, Grandma and I like to get together and look at it. It's hard to believe she was so young and that grandpa was so dashing. I know every single one of those photos by heart, and it was my first inspiration to becoming a wedding photographer years ago. Here, Grandma and I are looking at her wedding album for the umpteenth time, in photos taken by Jennifer E. Thompson, because I couldn't resist a snuggled-on-the-couch photo shoot with one of my favorite people in the world.

There’s magic in printed photos and albums. Digital sharing is great for the here and now, but if you leave your photos languishing on your hard drive, you'll never look at them after a while. Neither will your friends and family, who are not going to open up your computer and click through to see them without being specifically invited. They'll love lifting your wedding album off your coffee table, though, and maybe one day your grandchildren will, too.

Because this album was so important to me, I'm now offering wedding albums to my past and future clients, too.

The albums I've chosen come in a variety of colors and two styles: linen and leather. The top is an 8x8 linen in a soft brown, and the bottom is a 10x10 inch leather in bright white.

This is the 8x8 linen book. It has thinner pages and a nice, cloth-bound book feeling when you hold it. As you can see, it is one half the height of an elderly German shepherd/basset hound combo dog.

These are especially good if you're on a budget. They also make good parent albums after the wedding if you want a main large leather album for the couple and then a smaller cloth one for family to have.

This album is the 10x10 leather one. It has thick pages and makes a mega-impact, although apparently my dog finds them boring.

Special thanks to my handsome dog Mattingly and even more handsome partner Marley for modeling.

They're affordable. The smallest linen album is $300. I found a great album company that manufactures in the US and streamlined the process for ordering, saving time on my end and money on yours. Both traditional leather albums and less expensive linen-bound albums are available in three sizes: 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12 inches.

They're quality. These are important memories, and I want your album to last for decades. The images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper that doesn't fade or discolor. The albums are are guaranteed from any defects in manufacturing or materials. They are "flush mount", meaning the images are printed flat with the page on study cardboard pages that are thick and smooth. They feel wonderful and solid in your hands. Each comes with a storage sleeve for extra protection.

Ordering is easy. You go into your online gallery and click on which "must have" photos you'd like to include. Design will begin right away and while the inside is being made, you pick your size, cover material, and color (there's a whole rainbow for you to choose from, or let me surprise you with what I think is best). Then you'll receive your album 6-8 weeks after sending your photo selections, and it gets shipped to you.

Easy! If you want one and you're a past client, get in touch; they're great anniversary gifts for yourselves. For current and future clients, I'm selling them completely a la carte as a way to keep everything affordable. Alternatively, you can order them before the wedding so we can get started right away. It's up to you.