Central Park Elopement Photographer | Colm + Marie

Colm and Marie's elegant Central Park elopement was so fun to photograph; it was the perfect mix of sophistication and comfort. Marie's "something blue" was a bottle of posh Blue Agava & Cacao perfume from Jo Malone and she added a bit of sparkle with a pretty hairband and glittery shoes; we also took along her cozy plaid wrap for warmth. It would end up lending itself to one of the most romantic winter wedding photos I've ever taken. The pair lives in Ireland, and they stayed at the Irish hotel chain Fitzpatrick at Grand Central where I photographed them finishing up getting ready, and then we met officiant Marley Jay in the lobby who performed their ceremony. We then walked to Grand Central for some photos, then over to Central Park for their wedding ceremony.

It was a beautiful elopement.

1 central-park-elopement-photographer 18

central-park-elopement-photographer 1

central-park-elopement-photographer 2

central-park-elopement-photographer 3

central-park-elopement-photographer 9

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central-park-elopement-photographer 23

central-park-elopement-photographer 22

After their ceremony the sun was out, but it began to sprinkle snow, and I caught this photo of them smooching in a sunbeam. Totally magic.