Central Park Elopement with Very Special Guests | Blaine & Claire

Bride and groom kissing at their Central Park elopement.
Wedding ceremony
Wedding photos in Central Park
Groom and page boy.
Bride and flower girl
bride and flower girl
Black and white photos in Central Park at a wedding
Family wedding in NYC

In from the UK, Blaine and Claire eloped in Central Park with just their children. They got engaged at home in a local aquarium, and came here to get married on a perfect summer day in Central Park. Ross Decker officiated.

This is a semi-secluded area in Central Park that is close to the very bottom, so it’s pretty easy to get to. The bridge pictured is Gapstow Bridge, and is one of the more famous and iconic locations in the park. At the time these photos were taken (summer of 2019) the bridge was 145 years old. I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for a long lasting marriage!

Mini Elopement Package

This is a great example of my one hour mini elopement package. I met them at the edge of Central Park and we walked in together. We took photos of their ceremony and more photos around the park, and then we parted ways. This is an amazing opportunity to get an affordable, beautiful elopement photo collection.

Photo nerds only

Regarding the bottom photo: I lit the bottom photo by having my assistant stand behind the tree and aim a flash directly at the couple. The result is that they stand out beautifully from the background, and it allowed me to have them lit properly while also showing off the pretty details of the stone work in the bridge, and the skyscraper looming over them.

I first exposed for the bridge, making the sky scraper a bit light but still showing, and then their faces were too dark, hence the flash, which made them perfect. I am thrilled with the result.

The details of the bridge and building would have been a bit murky and lost if I hadn’t done this and just exposed using the natural light for their faces. I suspect the resulting photo would have been fine, but they came all this way to this special location, so I really wanted to show it off.

If you look at this photo very closely, you can see their daughter peeking out at me.