Cheers to you. Happy New Year!

New York Classic Wedding Photos

2015 was fucking amazing.

My husband and I bought a wonderful, tiny apartment, and then we got married. Friends, I am so loved. He amazes me every day. "If this is just the beginning, my life is going to be beautiful."

I had made a promise to myself at the end of last year to only do business on my terms in 2015. This meant no more one-hour elopements for me, since they always had me wishing I could spend more time with my elopement couples; initial meetings with potential full-day wedding clients in my living room, complete with snacks and wine, so they would feel more like a visit with a friend then a Serious, Scary Grown Up Business Meeting; a deeper connection with my brides and grooms; and special surprises for my couples that I could afford easily since I ceased most of my online and print advertising. (I've still got one advertisement up, though. Off-Beat Bride forever!)

I was informed this would "probably not work out" by someone who turned out to be very wrong. It was scary, but I know what I know: this soul-filled, brutally honest, quirky, heart-felt way of doing business was the only way I wanted to conduct myself. Lesson learned: live your life on your own terms. I followed my honest path, and financially speaking, I had the most successful year of my entire career. There were also a lot of hugs, and those count towards being successful, too. My clients this year were nothing short of amazing. 

We are having a quiet Christmas with presents first thing, my once-a-year cinnamon rolls + mimosas for brunch, Chinese food for supper, and an open house for friends to pop in and out as they'd like. A week later I'm hosting my annual blow-the-roof-off New Years Eve party which will NOT be quiet, and I have some fun surprises for my guests. I can't wait to show you photos. 

Have an amazing holiday season; merry Christmas, happy New Year, and I will see you in 2016.

Love and champagne,

Amber Marlow