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Simone and her friend Eileen have been friends for 34 years! They weren't even posing when I captured this joyful moment.

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The all-important Facebook status change to "married".

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Cheri and Simone came to from New Orleans to New York City with two daughters, two sons-in-law, and a dear old friend to be married in an intimate ceremony in New York City. After a giddy "first look", the ladies walked down the aisle together, and the kind, soft-spoken Pastor Phil Trzynka performed a beautiful ceremony in the smaller chapel of Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Church. We took portraits in the garden on a lovely spring day, and then headed across the Brooklyn Bridge for wedding photos, and to stop and attach a hand decorated lock with each ladies name on it to a support beam. We finished our walk across the bridge and got pizza.

I know what you're thinking: we got pizza at Grimaldi's; where else would you go? But we didn't. I'll tell you my secret Grimaldi's alternative: Juliana's. There was some juicy, "Only in New York" sort of smack down between the two owners, and now they're side by side, slinging the exact same delicious pizza, but the line at Juliana's (owned, incidentally, by Patsy Grimaldi; it's a long story, you'll have to go read about it) is non-existent while the tourists queue up for the more famously named place. This was my idea, and they invited me to join them while they read well wishes out loud from friends that mailed them in beforehand and chowed down on pizza.

It was a beautiful New York wedding.