Chic City Hall Wedding in Manhattan | Jenna & Justin

Chic bride and groom sip champagne while overlooking Manhattan.
Wedding day dog portrait.
Bride and groom walk hand and hand down a New York street.
Wedding day bride and groom kiss.
Portrait of a bride an groom overlooking the New York City skyline.
Bride on her wedding day holding her dog.
Groom on his wedding day holding his dog.
Bride and groom posing outside of a New York City stoop.
Black and white portrait of a couple on their wedding day.
Couple embrace at their City Hall wedding in New York City.
Black and white portrait of bride and groom walking through the park hand in hand.
Bride and groom smile at each other while walking through the park.
Bride and groom pose in front of a rainbow.
Bride and groom hold hands while walking down a cobblestone street.
Bride and groom kiss in front of the New York City Skyline.
Portrait of a bride in a chic white dress on her wedding day.
Portrait of a groom in a blue suit on his wedding day.
Portrait of newlyweds in front of Ristorante il Cantinori in Manhattan.

On the day of their elopement, I met Jenna and Justin at their apartment in Brooklyn Heights and was immediately greeted by their dog, Lucy, an adorable ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who let me snuggle her right up. 

Lucy played a big part in the couple's engagement story. Jenna had organized a pet photography session on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Unbeknownst to her, Justin secretly emailed the photographer and let her in on his plan to propose. He casually met up with them at the end of the session and, after Jenna bent down to pick up Lucy, he was standing there, smiling, with ring in hand, while the photographer snapped away. 

Naturally, Lucy needed a few portraits of her own on their wedding day.

The couple was married in an intimate and chic City Hall elopement. Neither Jenna nor Justin likes to be the center of attention so they knew a big wedding wasn't for them. Jenna said, 

"The thought of paying all this money for an event that neither of us would enjoy just seemed silly. We want to be married but avoid all of the pomp and circumstance." 

City Hall was the perfect choice. She wore a short, elegant, white dress and bright blue Louboutins (I really, really love it when my bride’s “something blue” has a red sole). He wore a navy suit to match. They both donned sun glasses as we took photos on the streets on Brooklyn Heights and as they shared champagne on their rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

They ended with lunch for their family at Il Cantinori in the East Village, an Italian restaurant so visually perfect, it looks like a movie set.

Dress Rag & Bone | Bride's Shoes Christian Louboutin | Suit Brooks Brothers | Groom's Shoes Cole Haan | Bride's Wedding Ring Danoff from Greenwich St. Jewelers | Groom's Wedding Ring StagheadDesigns