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Chris called me on a Thursday night to say he and Julie had decided to get married that Sunday in New York City; they live in Toronto. Last minute plane tickets were booked, Julie told me there was some sort of miracle-working Canadian seamstress that pulled her dress together, and Chris managed to rent a tux.

"Everything is all set, but do you know of anyone who can marry us on such short notice?" he asked.

Actually, I do.

Here's something about me you didn't know: I have the power vested in me by the City of New York to marry people. I became ordained in order to help two friends tie the knot last spring, and figure that if I ever show up to photograph a wedding and the officiant gets stuck in a traffic jam, I can, at the very least, help the show go on.

I have an ace team of second shooters I work with when the occasion calls for it, so I called one of them and asked, "Hey, are you free on Sunday? I need you to photograph a ceremony."

He was, so we got them married.

Amen and amen.

I met Chris at the Hudson Hotel lobby where I took some photos with him first, then headed to their room with my second shooter where Julie was getting ready. I helped her pin her hair clip in and buttoned her into her dress, and then orchestrated their first look in the lobby underneath their giant chandelier. Then all four of us headed to Central Park's Ladies Pavilion for the ceremony, then to Grand Central for more photos with a quick, COLD stop in Times Square.

Congrats Chris and Julie! It was an honor to help start your new family.

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