Low Key City Hall Wedding in Manhattan | E & N

low key manhattan elopement_003.jpg

Dress Haute Hippie | Custom suit My.Suit | Rings Yasuko Azuma

Local Brooklyn creatives E. and N. decided to get married matter-of-factly, with an honest conversation about wanting to be husband and wife, followed by booking me to photograph their City Hall wedding ceremony and buying a pair of wedding rings.

I met them on the morning of their wedding in their totally baller apartment in downtown Brooklyn (time specified was "9? 9:30? We're not hell-bent on exact timing.") She was still in her PJs sipping coffee as I got there, and their cat trotted over to inspect my camera bag and braid himself around my ankles a few times by way of greeting. E.'s longtime collection of tiny origami paper cranes were sitting in a bowl on their kitchen counter, and I scooped up a handful and had them "pose" with thier rings while she put on her dress. 

We took an Uber to City Hall for the ceremony, headed uptown to where they first met for a few shots, and then back to Brooklyn to the old Macy's store in Boerum Hill, where Stephen Power's "Euphoria is for you and me" mural served as the perfect nod to their just-for-two local elopement.

The last photo in this series is of them sitting at a bodega. I'll define "bodega" for the non-New Yorkers: it's where you buy things like cigarettes, newspapers, soda, lotto tickets, beer, snacks, and frighteningly bad cups of coffee. They are absolutely everywhere. The bright colours of the storefronts are generally considered a bit of an eyesore, but for whatever reason, on this day, they seemed like the right backdrop for a final shot.

To be honest, I wouldn't have taken this photo if they weren't New Yorkers, because there are so many prettier things in New York City if you're visiting! But this ubiquitous sight is going to look totally different one day, and this photo will serve as the perfect reminder of how the streets we walked every day used to look "way back in 2015" when they got married. Nostalgia is everywhere, even if it's ugly, and I like to think about future you, and your fascinated grandchildren, while I'm working. 

p.s. More lavender-haired brides in front of my camera, please. 

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