City Hall Wedding in New York City | Casey & Joe

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"I don't really need a pretty photo of my shoes," Casey told me. "I'm wearing Chucks." 

"Fine with me," I said, and took a photo of her pit bull, Floyd, chewing on them instead. He then sat on my feet while she finished up getting ready.

It rained that morning, more than I've ever seen it rain, so our first look took place the awning in front of their apartment building in Brooklyn, and then they ran around the block to take an immediately soggy Floyd to doggy daycare.

Casey told me this story about her proposal, taken on a frozen day in NYC the day after the inauguration.

He said “I have something for you,” I asked if it was a snack or chocolate, and instead he got down on one knee with a ring.

We went from their apartment to a nearby hotel to get some family members, and then headed across to City Hall in Manhattan for their wedding ceremony. An aunt, I think, brought flower garlands to festoon them with after the ceremony, and I set everyone up outside for a grand confetti exit (This photographer is of the opinion that the world needs more confetti-filled moments.)

Her gown is from Intermix