Classic, but Not Strictly Traditional

Elegant Elopement Photographer NYC

Last night, my husband and I were having a picnic at an outdoor concert in Brooklyn. While we were waiting for the show to start, the setting sun glinted in my engagement ring, which we had picked out together, and which I still adore nearly two years after our proposal.

That's it in the photo above; it's a three stone style, with a cushion-cut stone in the middle and two smaller trillion-cut stones on the edge, set in un-dipped white gold. "I love that it's classic," I said, "but it isn't strictly traditional."

As I spoke the words, I realized that this PERFECTLY describes what I'm creating when I make wedding photos for my clients! I want to break the rules of traditional wedding photography and create images that are egalitarian, feminist, and fun, but I also study, follow, and implement classic portrait and photography rules of posing, light, and composition while I'm doing it.

I loved this realization! It had always been true, but putting it into words felt powerful, and to see that I even implemented these things into my engagement ring was thrilling.

P.S. My ring is from Greenwich Jewelers in Manhattan (ask for Mary - she's fantastic - and tell her Amber Marlow sent you), and the box is a Mrs. Box