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"We'll form a tunnel!"

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Ed and Melissa are a great couple from Brooklyn who brought along their immediate families to their courthouse wedding. The whole crew was in high spirits and really great to hang out with (shout-out to the brother-in-law who saw my shoe had come undone and took a knee to tie it for me whilst my hands were full of cameras. You, sir, are a kind, double-knotting gentleman.) Melissa's bouquet from Dig in Brooklyn featured orange roses that matched her pedicure (fab.) and succulents that held up well in the summer heat. Her dress is vintage, and she had it altered by removing the sleeves and shortening the hem from floor length to her knees. Dreamy.

A family member from Alaska was Skyped in via iPhone to share in the ceremony and cheer along - do we live in amazing times or what?

It wasn't clear to me how the spontaneous "tunnel of love" was formed for the newlyweds to run out under after their ceremony, but I'm glad it was. It is not a family tradition - I asked - it was just... one of those things. Hilarious and awesome.

Congratulations, neighbors! You have both married into fantastic families.