A Sunny Autumn Central Park Elopement | Fred & Sarah

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I asked them how their engagement went:

A disaster haha! The hot air balloon was cancelled the night before due to windy weather which was the plan! And then Sarah was terrible sick. But the back up plan of rose petals in the room and love heart shaped post it notes with “I LOVE YOU” written in all different languages was a hit!  

Their wedding, however, went beautifully. They selected one of the most charming places in Central Park to get married: the Dene Shelter, which is tucked away and hidden. Officiating was Marley Jay (a professional writer, and my husband) who wrote a wonderful non-denominational wedding ceremony. 

They didn't have post-wedding plans, so I recommended the perfect restaurant for them on the spot, then made the reservation for them using Sarah's new name for the very first time.