Hannah and Kristen's Anniversary Portraits in NYC

NYC lesbian anniversary photos 2.jpg
NYC lesbian anniversary photos 6.jpg
NYC lesbian anniversary photos 5.jpg
NYC lesbian anniversary photos 7.jpg

Hannah and Kristen hail from New Zealand. They eloped in New York City last year, and when they planned their trip back last week, my husband and I had dinner with them at Dirt Candy, a phenomenal vegetarian restaurant where I had directed them the last time they were here for their wedding meal. (I'm going to attempt the Korean friend broccoli soon, because it is life changing.)

We also did a fun anniversary session! The Highline isn't a great place for wedding photos (it's crowded and narrow, so the risk of soiling your dress is high) or even engagement photos (I like to do more remote locations for those), but for a more laid-back, casual anniversary session where we are just running around taking photos, it was perfect. People got in the background, and they added to the photos, I felt, rather than detracted from them. 

Thank you for your fun faces, Hannah and Kristen! It was so wonderful to see you again. I'll come visit, promise. 

p.s. Bonus yours truly!