Happy 2015!

backyard-wedding-photos-connecticut 69 Happy 2015! I've missed this space, and I have a lot to share.

First, can I have a second to get giddy right here? I'm getting married this year! I'm so happy!

I'm constantly evolving as a photographer and a business owner every year, but I have to say that being a bride myself has totally changed my perspective on doing business with my clients. You guys. Putting on such an important event is HARD. I knew that, of course, but actually experiencing it... Wow. You know what I promise isn't going to be hard? Hiring me to photograph your wedding.

Here are some exciting changes that are coming:

Free print shipping.

Paying shipping is crummy. NO MORE! Starting today, all of my clients purchasing over $20 worth of prints from me get them shipped free.


It was exclusively film for me all through high school and college. I hand-developed my prints in the darkroom while making out with my boyfriend at school, but when digital became a reality, I embraced it wholeheartedly. I miss my roots, though, so I'm offering a new add-on to 2015 wedding and elopement clients: film photos during your portrait session on your wedding day mixed in with your digital shots.

Fine art prints.

For 2015 I'm rolling out a line of high quality, textile "you can skip the frame if you want to" prints. They're a little nicer than the flat prints you can currently order for me (that go in a frame) and not as intense as the stretch canvas prints that I offer. I can't wait to show you.

Meaningful Engagement Photos.

Engagement photos that reflect who you are as a couple are where it's at for me, even if it's as simple as getting cocktails at your favorite bar or taking engagement photos in your apartment on a Sunday morning as you sip coffee. Bowling, hiking, swimming, hanging out with your dogs... it can be whatever you want, as long as it's real and as long as it's YOU. The "standing in the field laughing" shots can be pretty, but we can do better. We can do more.

Cheers to an amazing year to come. Let's get this party started.