Rainy Elopement in Central Park Conservatory Garden | Bobby & Suzanne

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Bobby and Suzanne are vibrant, warm professionals who wanted a wedding that was beautiful and low-key. Totally Marlow clients!

The thing that happens to a lot of my clients happened to them: they planned to elope with just them and their three amazing kids, and then things got... bigger.

It rained, and rained, and rained. Kamila Harris is another fabulous wedding photographer in New York City, and she was on hand as my assistant this day to carry my bag and make sure I didn't fall into the pond; we emerged completely soaked, and I joked that we were swimming through our day. I never mind rain, though. Rainy day wedding photos are tricky to navigate, but always come out magical. Thankfully, Suzanne hired hair and makeup genius Amanda Thesen to be on hand for the day, and her makeup and curls stayed perfect in the downpour. 

We started getting ready at their house; the kids were dressed and playing video games, and I posed the girls on the sofa "princesses having a portrait done" style. Can we talk about their style for sec? Super chic cold-shoulder floral excellence, and a poofy gown with turquoise Chucks. I die.

The Central Park Conservatory Garden was the site of their wedding ceremony and portraits (if you want to have a wedding here, you do need a special permit for this specific part of the park, so heads up.) A friend officiated for a congregation of about 40, and then we headed to the upstairs private room of Papillion on 54th Street for a reception (after a quick outfit change into a more party friendly frock for Suzanne and coordinating shirt for Bobby). 

Carlo's Bakery AKA "the Cake Boss" created their wedding cake, featuring Bobby's home of Virginia, New York City where they live now, and a mouse figures entwined symbol on top, which one of the girls designed, and which Bobby showed me was also tattooed on his shoulder. A "city mouse and country mouse" cake topper finished it off. 

Right before I left, Bobby and Suzanne walked me downstairs and leaned against the bar, recreating the exact spot of their first kiss! It was a great way to end the night.