Hudson Valley Jewish Summer Camp Wedding

I second shot this incredible summer camp wedding with Nicki of DeNueva Photography over the summer. We absolutely loved the gorgeous setting, and D+S and their friends made this one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to. We started with portraits and then they signed their ketubah, had the ceremony, and then dinner and a rocking dance party after! The grey weather held out, but just barely! It was so dramatic: the groom stomped the glass, everyone shouted "Mazel Tov!", a roll of thunder echoed through the valley as if to answer, everyone stood up and started walking to the dining hall, and as soon as we were all safely in it started POURING. The timing was perfect. The storm raged during cocktail hour then passed, and we were able to take some misty sunset photos by the lake right before the dance party kicked off with the hora. It was a really great day.

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 1

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 8

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 12

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 15

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 18

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 31

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 32

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 33

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 34

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 37

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 43

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 44

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 47

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 53

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 55

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 57

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 60

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 61

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 63

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 64

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 65

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 66

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 67

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 68

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 70

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 71

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 72

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 73

hudson-valley-summer-camp-wedding 74