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Ingrid wanted some good photos of herself for online dating, so after a week of emailing back and forth about outfits and makeup (I'm so, so into it!), we got together at my studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I have a pink backdrop set up that hardly ever gets used; you'll recognize it from this awesome wedding where I convinced the brides to go with tulip pink instead of slate gray for their photo booth. They didn't want to keep it after the wedding, so I bought it back from them, used it for one of my own parties on New Years Eve, and then just left it up hoping it would inspire a portrait session one day.

Along came Ingrid. Her pink lipstick was a great match, and her coral bracelet and turquoise tee were the perfect combo for an 80's colored portrait that set her skin tone off nicely.

We had so much fun switching out outfits and even headed to a local coffee shop for an "Oh, hey, my friend just happened to snap this cute photo of me while I happened to be sitting in a coffee shop" series of photos.

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