Interview: Cari Duprey, a Hair and Makeup Artist

Cari Duprey NYC Wedding Makeup Artist

This is Cari Duprey, wedding hair and makeup artist who has made a TON of my brides gorgeous on their wedding days. You can find her website here. She was photographed by me in Brooklyn this past autumn, and I interviewed her about her work Vanity Fair style. 

Tell me about your career, and how you got started doing hair and makeup for weddings.

I got started as a freelance hair and makeup artist while I was in cosmetology school in NYC. Like lots of artists, I went to college for something totally different, fashion merchandising, but always enjoyed doing hair and makeup any chance I had. One of my beauty school classmates, who was a makeup artist, brought me along with her for a photoshoot and I started building my portfolio in 2008. A friend asked me to do her best friend's hair and makeup for her wedding around the same time and my bridal business just grew from there. Lots of referrals from past brides, bridal party members and my friends and family have kept me busy for almost 9 years now!

What can brides do in the weeks leading up to their wedding to give themselves the best skin for their wedding day?

A lot of women start getting facials in the months leading up to their wedding to help their skin look, and feel, beautiful. While they certainly help, drinking lots of water and cutting back on alcohol does AMAZING things for skin. Also, take your makeup off before you go to bed! Properly! Removing makeup before you use a facial cleanser will actually clean the skin and clear out any dirt/oil that has been trapped underneath your makeup all day. I see it all the time when I show up to do someone's makeup and they still have remnants of last nights look on their skin. Use a makeup remover (a wipe, cream, lotion, micellar water) first and then cleanse your skin with a gentle wash. A bit of cold water, or ice, can help with puffiness the day of your wedding. Holding a cold washcloth over your eyes is a nice refresher and depuffer and will wake you right up for an early morning glam session.

Why hire a pro to do your hair and makeup?

A professional artist comes stocked with a kit full of products that are tried and true, the experience of having worked on hundreds of faces, and heads of hair, and the ability to look at a photo and customize it for you. You will have your picture taken for hours on a wedding day and a pro artist will work with you to make sure you look and feel beautiful all day long. There's something satisfying about looking at your wedding photos and realizing that your hair stayed curled all day, your blush hasn't faded, and that spot that sprouted up the day before has vanished. 

What are some tips for DIYing your makeup for a fancy event?

If you're doing your makeup for a fancy event keep in mind a few things... most "fancy" places where events are held have low light and if you will have your photo taken, a flash will probably be used. If your foundation has SPF in it, chances are you will have flash back. Flash back is when the SPF reflects the light from the flash back and your face appears much paler in the photo. As a rule, don't use a foundation with SPF in it, or a silica based powder, that day. Also, adding a bit of bronzer on the perimeter of the face, can add a little definition so your face doesn't look "flat" in photos. Using a large, fluffy brush sweep the bronzer in a 3 formation on each side of your face. You want the brush to tough your temple, under the cheek bone and your jawline, forming a number 3. Primer is your friend for making your makeup last all evening as well. There are tons of formulas out there for every skin type. I love high end ones just as much as drugstore options. Find one that works with your skin and apply it after your moisturizer. Let it hang out on your skin for a few minutes before you apply the rest of your makeup so it can mesh with your skin a little before you apply the rest of your makeup.

I'm one of those women who loves to "put my face on", but it's hard to keep everything from sliding around when I'm shooting a wedding for eight hours and a camera is on my face. Other women who work have similar challenges. What tips do you have for me? 

Primer is going to be necessary to make sure your makeup stays in tact all day with a camera touching your face! A setting spray is also a great way to keep makeup from rubbing off on your camera. I love Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray and L'Oreal Infallible Makeup Setting Spray. A long wearing foundation is also a good idea as is a lip/cheek stain since they both will last really well throughout a long day of shooting. Stila lip/cheek stains are my favorites and come in a convenient package.