Interviewed by Makeup Artist Essentials

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by the editor from Makeup Artist Essentials

The website is, of course, for makeup artists, but they wanted a professional wedding photographer's perspective on some things, which I thought was a really good idea - we work together so much for our clients, and we are both visual artists. I try to stay out of the makeup artist's way while he or she is working while still getting my shots, they try to keep to the schedule, and, of course, we both want our brides to look as absolutely gorgeous as possible.

When working, I ALWAYS ask for their business card so I can send them high-quality photos for their portfolios and social media, and I never charge for the images. We're all trying to be successful together, and being generous instead of taking the opportunity to make a few dollars (which I have heard of photographers doing!) has brought me so many good things - and good friends. 

In addition to dishing on my fave eyeliner, I offer my best SEO and social media tips, too, as well as one piece of business advice that might be controversial. If you've ever been in a bar with me discussing business, you probably already know EXACTLY what it is.

You can read the interview right here