Battery Park Wedding | David & Denise

elegant manhattan elopement.

I have been so excited to share this wedding with you. Denise and David are busy physicians who had been together for three and a half years when they had their intimate wedding in Manhattan. He had been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and finished chemo at the end of February; when Denise wrote to me, she said, "All that we have been through has solidified our love for each other and our need for each other and we are excited to have our cozy City Hall wedding in the city that we first met and established our relationship."

I started to type out a reply, thought for a second, deleted everything, and suggested she call me, which she did.

Here's the thing: I'm more than just an elopement photographer who shows up and snaps pretty photos. I help plan fun and genuine elopements for my clients based on their personalities. For a lot of couples, the no-fuss City Hall ceremony is absolutely perfect for them, but I sensed this wasn't the case here. Call it a gut instinct from shooting so many elopements in New York City these past few years.

When we got on the phone, I suggested a celebrant would be their best bet, and connected her with Judie Guild, a wedding officiant I've worked with lots of times before. From there, everything fell into place, beautifully.

Order of the day was getting ready at the Conrad Hotel in Manhattan, a quick walk to their ceremony in Battery Park, and from there we took photos on location and on the Brooklyn Bridge. So perfect. Congratulations David and Denise. Your love is an inspiration.

Hotel: Conrad New York / Bouquet: Michelle Edgemont / Hair and Makeup: Michael Burgess / Officiant: Judie Guild