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Well, friends, it finally happened. After over a year of hoping, wishing, and finger crossing, I convinced a couple eloping in Central Park to climb into the row boats after their ceremony for some epic, once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos.

This photographer was thrilled.

Jeff and Rebecca are both professors that were planning to elope at City Hall, but they sent me an email shortly before their wedding and said, "Hey, we took a look at Central Park. It's gorgeous. We thought we would do it there?"

Heck yes! They got a hold of Judie Guild to be their officiant, and they got married in Wagner's Cove.

I had my intern with me this day, so she and I were able to pile into one row boat, and she rowed while Jeff and Rebecca paddled about in a second. We went across about half the lake, under the Bow Bridge and by Bethesda Fountain. It was SO FUN, and although I was dealing with some monster level allergies that day, I'm so happy.

Then we headed to Shakespeare Garden; the flowers there are breathtaking. As they stood under a flowering tree, a breeze came by and shook some petals off onto them, which felt magical.

Two notes for the fashionistas: Rebecca's Dress is from J.Crew, and she ducked into the Drybar to have her shoulder-length hair put into a pretty 'do with "about a million bobby pins".