James and Libby | Intimate Wedding | Central Park

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James and Libby came to New York City with their family to have an intimate wedding ceremony in Central Park, officiated by Judie Guild. They opted for my mini elopement package (it works for intimate weddings with a small handful of guests, too). I met them in a grove where they selected a spot to have their ceremony, and then we walked towards the Mall of Central Park for wedding portraits. They got married in mid-March, and this was the last time I saw snow on the ground.

Libby told me that the guys lifting the bride up was an English thing. I hadn't heard this but found it hilarious, and was relieved when no one dropped her. I dig that she managed to still hold her bouquet and look completely dignified. I am almost certain I would have fallen.

Her dress was fantastic. I love how "twirly" it is, and James didn't resist giving her a spin when a huge group of onlookers spotted them walking and cheered for a spin-and-kiss. This is what happens if you elope to New York City! The residents love a happy couple. Congratulations James and Libby! Come visit New York again soon.