Jen, Micah and Levi | New York Based Family Photograher

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Epic drool.

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These two are cheeseballs!

Remember a while back when my friends Jen and Micah wanted to adopt a baby? They got one shortly thereafter, and he is awesome. Now they want another one, so I headed to the suburbs to get portraits of the three of them their back yard. These will be in their potential adoptive family file. It's been amazing and wonderful to see my friends become parents, and their next kiddo is going to be so, so lucky to have them. I am already excited for a new friend.

It was a warm day when we took these so we went out for for ice cream after, and I snapped some shots of us at the ice cream parlor, too. Jen leaned over to Levi hoping for "an ice cream kiss", and he very sweetly leaned over and licked her.

"I suppose he did exactly what you asked..." I pointed out. He's absolutely wonderful.