Jennifer and Simon | Central Park Intimate Wedding | NYC

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This is part of Jennifer's email to me when she inquired about having me photograph their wedding:

"Simon & I just went through the visa process to bring him to Los Angeles, from Melbourne. NYC is like another home to both us, so we decided to run off to the City to get married. We are best friends and confidants. We've supported each other through some of the hardest things in life and now we want to be with each other through the best.

We like simple. We like low stress. We like being happy."

Well. Me too.

I met Jennifer as she was doing her hair at the Roger Smith Hotel. Simon got ready at the hotel around corner, and then we went back to the Roger Smith for their first look in the lobby and headed out as a group from there.

Their vision for the day was to walk from the Roger Smith and head north on foot for the the two and a half miles to their chosen wedding site in Central Park: the Shakespeare Garden. Along the way we would stop for fun photos, creating a "joyful fuss" as I like to call it, with New Yorkers and tourists alike calling out their congratulations as we strolled past. It was fun and relaxed; we paused whenever there was a good spot to take a photo, the weather was perfect, and everyone was excited and happy.

The legalities were taken care of the day before, so they had all of the siblings performing readings and vows before declaring them husband and wife in one of the sweetest most family-oriented ceremonies I've seen. Afterward I scouted a great tucked away corner of Central Park for their wedding picnic, and we took a few family photos before I left.