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Jill and Tiffany were my first photo shoot of the New Year! They had a very intimate wedding in Central Park on the first Saturday in January officiated by Judie Guild. The mid-afternoon setting sun was gorgeous reflecting off of the ice in the pond, and gave a pretty warm glow to the otherwise bleak gray setting of Central Park in the winter. (As did the red wedding dress!)

These two southern brides were great sports about trekking around Central Park for wedding portraits, and so were their friends. My favorite part about intimate weddings is that they are so close-knit. Everyone present forms a community around the couple while they experience an incredible moment. It's helpful when you want a really stellar group hug, like the one that spontaneously broke out at this wedding immediately post-ceremony, or a bird shits on your wedding dress and you need a quick clean up. ("It's good luck!" we all said, and thankfully it came right out with a baby wipe.) They tied the knot at the Ladies Pavilion on the west side of the Park, and after the ceremony, an entire box of gorgeous cupcakes got broken out.

Their smallest wedding guest slept through the whole thing, but she woke up from her nap just as we were about to go, so I snapped a sweet family photo with mom and dad. Her teeny hat is so darling.

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