Karin + Megan | New York City Engagement Photographer

Here are Megan and Karin, newlyweds from Portland, OR that are honeymooning in New York City. They are the second couple to win a photoshoot with me from A Practical Wedding. My goodness, do I ever love meeting APW folks! They always feel like old friends.

We started on the rooftop of the building they are staying in, which has killer Park views.


Then we headed down into the Park.

I love "on benches" shots. They remind of that Simon and Garfunkel song.

Here's the thing I learned about newlyweds, and this delighted me: they kiss a lot.

In fountains,

balanced behind railings,

and on the subway!

Central Park has wonderful, interesting architecture - something I was happy for since all the trees were bare and gray. I especially like all this golden stone.

I had to include this photo below. There were a lot of "Meg pointing things out" shots - "She gets it from her dad!" said Karin, grinning - and I really liked this about her.

Ladies, it was SO wonderful to meet you. I wish you years and years of happiness.