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Remember this sweet family from the fall that had me take maternity photos? Their baby was born, and Kendra took advantage of my half-hour, half-price winter portrait special to have me take newborn photos of brand new Noah.

I'm nuts about these boys. Seeing my buddy Jeremiah again in his new role as big brother was thrilling, and oh! this baby. His tiny afro was so soft, and I couldn't get enough of his perfect toes, gigantic yawns and perfectly content post-nursing coos. Kendra let me try my hand at changing his onesie mid-photo shoot, and then laughed at me when I very gingerly tugged on his tiny clothes to take them off.

"He's fine," she said. "You aren't going to break him!"

I'd never dressed a baby so little before! She was right, though; he did not break during what had to be the world's longest onsie change. (Thanks for letting me do it, Kendra! It was a cool experience.) After we were done taking photos, I snugged him for a little bit as he fell asleep and marveled at how small he was, especially compared to his big brother who looked like much more of a little kid a few months ago!

Dad is serving our country for a bit elsewhere, so these photos of his wife and boys are going to be sent to him.

A production note, in case you are interested: we shot these photographs indoors, late in the afternoon. There was a little bit of light outside, but not enough, however I'm always loathe to use my flash on newborns, especially at such close proximity. I opted for a single free standing umbrella light that was a breeze to set up and worked out well.

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