Komal + Praja | Brooklyn Engagment Photos

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Komal and Praja are getting married in the Bay Area but live in New York, so they had me take their New York City engagement photos before heading across the country to get married. We met in DUMBO, which one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn to take photos. The locals have done a good job at letting the local artistic community make things colorful and fun; I literally squee!ed outloud when Komal walked in front of that turquoise wall in her orange dress! Even the gray buildings reflect light in the most beautiful way.

These two are both from India but from different states, so each has a different native language. They recently got his and hers tattoos to reflect each others heritage. Komal's is tattoo is Praja's name in Telugu, Praja's native language, and Praja's tattoo is in Gujarati, which is what Komal's family speaks. I thought that was terribly romantic.